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Changeset 1804690 is being indexed.

Release Subversion 1.9.7 with a fix for CVE-2017-9800.
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* site-nav.html: Bump the copyright year in the navigation.
site: Prettify some forms.

* site-nav.html: Just use the 'placeholder' attribute instead of reinventing it.

* reporting-issues.html: Ditto. Also, set the 'type' attribute on the issue number

lookup form.

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Revert r1700291, as download.cgi is now able to include files using the

common include syntax.

* publish/download.html

* publish/site-banner.html

* publish/site-nav.html

* publish/site-notice.html

Revert litteral include.

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Follow up to r1700282: Include site banners etc. verbatim in download.html

for the time being, until Infra gets includes working again.

* publish/download.html:

Paste the contents of site-banner.html,

site-nav.html and site-notice.html into this page.

* publish/site-banner.html,



Add a reminder to update download.html with any changes.

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Change the download/mirrors magic as recommended by Infra on IRC.

* publish/download.html: Move here from publish/download and add

the SSI bits that used to be in publish/download/index.html.

* publish/download: Remove.

* publish/docs/community-guide/general.part.html,







publish/source-code.html: Update download links.

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Drop the limitation on mirrors instituted due to delayed publishing of 1.7.19 & 1.8.11

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Add the update argument to the download link today to deal with delayed publishing.

* site-nav.html: Add 'Quick Start' to the navigation bar.

Suggested by: jcorvel

Revert r1464774. Was a temporary changed to deal with delayed publication

of 1.7.9.

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* publish/index.html,


publish/site-nav.html: Put the update argument on the download link for today

to avoid mirroring issue.

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Remove ApacheCon NA 2013 advert from website.

* publish/site-nav.html: Remove advert iframe.

* publish/style/site.css: Restore navigation bar width.

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* site/publish/site-nav.html

Make the ApacheCon ad block a little taller so the iframe isn't

clipped (by a few pixels in Chrome, ten or so in Firefox, etc.).

* publish/site-nav.html: Advertise ApacheCon NA 2013.

* publish/style/site.css: Temporarily change navigation bar width.

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Sigh ... revert r1439931, premature commit.
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* publish/site-nav.html: Advertise ApacheCon NA 2013.

* publish/style/site.css: Temporarily change navigation bar width.

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Follow-up to r1183680 and r1184787 (which, incidentally, were

committed within 14 hours of each other).

* /site/publish/issue-tracker.html: Rename to..

* /site/publish/reporting-issues.html: .. this. Leave a symlink behind

for link compatibility.

* everywhere: update links, except those that point to

the page of the same name.

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Tweak the navigation bar, again.

* site-nav.html: Tweak a link text to correctly name the kind of

stuff we put in

Tweak the navigation bar.

* site-nav.html: Tweak a link text to be at the correct level of abstraction.

* publish/site-nav.html: Add link to Wiki

* site-nav.html: Say 'Source' in the navigation bar entry.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Go "live" with the /download/ page by replacing the existing Source

Code left-nav menu link with a pointer to that page.

Happy New Year.

* publish/site-nav.html

(copyright): Bump copyright year.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Clarify the registration levels of the various relevant trademarks.

Per list discussion, nix '' and 'Foundation' left-nav links.
* site/publish/site-nav.html

Lose target="_blank" bits from some links -- those aren't valid in XHTML 1.1.

Tweak the "About the ASF" navbar entry.

* /site/publish/site-nav.html

(About the ASF): Add <acronym/> tag and "Foundation" link.

* /site/publish/index.html

(site-overview): Add "site-overview-asf" section.

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Some style love for the left-nav.

I hate it when website navigation link sets contains links that point

folks away from the site. It's rather like having a Table of Contents

in a book that contains pointers not to pages in the book, but to

other books. Ridiculous. But Apache sez we gotta play this way, so I

want to at least annotate the links that will throw folks off the

Subversion project site.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Move ASF links to their own section, make them open new frames, and

give them a "linkaway" class. Give the svnbook link a "linkaway"

class, too.

* site/publish/style/site.css

Add style support for a new "linkaway" class.

* site/publish/images/linkaway.gif

New image.

* site/publish/site-banner.html

Remove now-redundant sponsor link.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Update trademark attribution to reflect reality and the ASF guidelines:

* publish/site-nav.html

(copyright): Update text.

Add links, as requested by the ASF trademark guidelines:

We can move these links around, but the guidelines state they should be in the

site-wide navigation section.

* publish/site-nav.html

(site-nav-menu): Add links to license, donate, thanks and security.