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Merge 'staging' to 'publish'.
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Subversion 1.13.0 released.
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* publish/roadmap.html: Remove 1.12; mark 'next release' details as obsolete.
Merge from staging: new consensus that non-LTS backports need only two +1 votes.
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In 'Stabilizing and maintaining releases': merge clarifications from 'staging'.
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Merged from staging: Event advertisement and some property changes.
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Announce Subversion 1.12.2, 1.10.6, 1.9.12.

A merge from 'staging' plus updating the date of the news item.

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Merge from 'staging' to 'publish' (adds the upcoming changes list).
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* publish/roadmap.html: Update 'next release' to 1.12.
* publish/roadmap.html (features-most-wanted): Mark as 'out of date'.
Publish the 1.11 release by merging from 'staging'.
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Website: sync merge from 'staging' to 'publish'.

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Remove the 1.11.0 RC1 reference from the roadmap.

* publish/roadmap.html: Remove 1.11.0-rc1. And -rc2 won't happen in September.

Note the new release schedule at the top of pertinent pages.
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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.11.html

Add a prominent note about being a "regular" release not an LTS release.

* publish/roadmap.html

Minor tweaks.

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Merge outstanding changes from staging to publish; these have been

sitting here for long enough

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* publish/roadmap.html

(upcoming-releases): Link to 1.11 Release Notes.

Update the projected release dates for 1.11.0 and RCs.

* publish/roadmap.html

Add -rc2. Update the planned dates.

* publish/docs/release-notes/index.html: Update the planned release date.

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* publish/roadmap.html: Minor tweaks.
* publish/roadmap.html: Add a planned release date of 2018-10-17 for 1.11.0.
* publish/roadmap.html

(release-planning): Merge the simplified new release schedule from 'staging'.

* publish/roadmap.html

(upcoming-releases): Note actual dates and version numbers of 1.9.9,1.10.2.

* publish/roadmap.html

(next-release-status): Add 'conflict resolver improvements'.

* publish/roadmap.html

(next-release-status): Update for 1.11; remove stalled wish-list features.

* publish/roadmap.html

(features-most-wanted): Remove "Repository-dictated Configuration" as

it is basically done. See the referenced issue #1974 which I have just


* publish/roadmap.html

(upcoming-releases): Fill in a few deliverables/notes.

Publish our new 6-month standard and 2-year LTS release schedule.

* publish/index.html,


Add a brief news item.

* publish/roadmap.html

Document the scheme and add the next few releases to the table.

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* publish/roadmap.html: Update for 1.10.0 release date.
Update the 1.10 release status on 'roadmap' and 'release notes' pages.
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* publish/roadmap.html

(upcoming-releases): Bump 1.10 date to 'end of March'; link to release notes.