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Update the Subversion web site to point to the new Confluence Wiki.
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site: Publish r1817659.
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* site/publish: Merge from staging.
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* site/publish: Merge from staging.
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* site/publish: Merge from staging.
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* release-notes/1.8.html,

release-notes/1.9.html: Link to SHA1 advisory from known issues section.

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Make the release notes more compliant with the XHTML 1.1 standard.

* docs/release-notes/1.6.html

(Testsuite fails): add missing closing p-tag

* docs/release-notes/1.7.html

(svn diff can show git-style diff annotations): close p-tag before ul

* docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(Skelta style updates are now the default): drop invalid p-section

* docs/release-notes/1.9.html

(fsvnadmin pack): correct typo (missing / for closing tag)

(svnadmin setrevprop --transaction): fix incorrect closing tag

Approved by: brane

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* site/publish/release-notes/1.8.html

* site/publish/release-notes/1.9.html

Remove documented limitation that we somehow can't upgrade from 1.0-1.5

working copies in these releases.

With the pre-WCNG working copies we updated them on writing, so you could

even have specific subdirs with an older or newer version without higher

layers noticing.

In several cases 1.9 can better upgrade these old working copies than

1.7-1.8, as our test suite's validations added shortly before releasing 1.9

showed some limitations in the correctness of the older upgrade code.

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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(mod_dav_svn-fsmap): Prefix is "dav_svn:" not "svn:".

Update links to issues reflecting issue tracker migration to ASF JIRA


* publish/.htaccess

(RedirectMatch ^/issue): Redirect to$1

* publish/doap.rdf

(bug-database): Change to

* publish/docs/community-guide/debugging.part.html

* publish/docs/community-guide/l10n.part.html

* publish/docs/issue4129.txt

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.1.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.3.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.5.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.6.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.9.html

* publish/docs/release-notes/release-history.html

* publish/faq.html

* publish/faq.ja.html

* publish/faq.zh.html

* publish/features.html

* publish/ideas.html

* publish/roadmap.html

(*): Find and replace ""

with "".

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Add warnings to 1.8 and 1.9 release notes in the aftermath of issue #4588.

Turns out neither the release notes nor the SVN book is not too clear

about the fact that replacing repositories (e.g. after dump / load)

requires a server restart.

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(FSFS format bump): Add a warning box instructing the user to restart

their server after(s) replacing a repository.

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.9.html

(Format bump): Same.

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* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: Fix a broken href.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(repos-dictated-config): Correct the format of svn:global-ignores prop

values -- issue #4380.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(serf-skelta-default): Fix typo.

1.8.html: And yet another unclosed attribute
1.8.html: Fix one more bit of non valid xml syntax
1.8.html: Fix a bit of non valid xml syntax
Fix minor typo.
* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html

Following up on r1557269, fix small typo.

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Update 1.7 and 1.8 release notes to note the issues with AddEncoding after

the changes in the filename entry on the request record.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html,


(mod_dav_svn-fsmap): add warning section on AddEncoding.

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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html,


(mod_dav_svn-fsmap): Update to reflect changes in 1.7.14 and 1.8.5

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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html:

(411-length-required): Remove the warning about this being expected behavior since

1.8.1 is long since released with this behavior.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html

publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: s/abused/misused/

Suggested by: danielsh

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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.7.html

publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: Fix typo.

Found by: ivan

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* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: Fix a bunch of HTML errors.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: Add a note about the change to

mod_dav_svn no longer mapping requests to the lcoal filesystem.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: Fix typo.

Found by: martin__ in #svn on Freenode

* docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(#swig-py-star): Document 'SubversionException' as another non-(SVN_*) symbol

that gets imported. See also r1507860.

* docs/release-notes/1.8.html

(#commit-externals): Fix typo in anchor (was 'commit-exernals').

Patch by: Masaru Tsuchiyama <>

(log message by me)