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Changeset 1822728 is being indexed.

On branch swig-py3: Fix python swig compile for Visual Studio <= 2008.

Add the proper UserMacros definitions to pull in the necessary SWIG arguments

for python generation.

* build/generator/templates/vcnet_vsprops.ezt

New file defining UserMacros.

* build/generator/templates/vcnet_vcproj.ezt

Inherit the new property sheet containing UserMacros.

* build/generator/

(Generator.write_project): Write out the property sheet for Visual Studio

2008 and earlier.

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On branch swig-py3: Add py3c library support to the Windows build.

* build/generator/templates/vcnet_vcxproj.ezt

(UserMacros): Add template options to define UserMacros.

* build/generator/

(Generator.write_project): Include new user macro values in

data passed to the ezt template function.

* build/generator/

(UserMacro): Define a new type to use with user macro templates.

(GenDependenciesBase._optional_libraries): Include py3c library.

(GenDependenciesBase.parse_options): Include the py3c library path


(GenDependenciesBase.find_libraries): Add a call to _find_py3c().

(GenDependenciesBase._find_python): Define SWIG_PY_OPTS user macro

based on detected Python version.

(GenDependenciesBase._find_py3c): New method.


GenDependenciesBase._find_jdk): Ensure output from subprocess is

properly decoded.


(_usage_exit): Add --with-py3c usage.

(my_getopt): Add with-py3c option.

* subversion/bindings/swig/INSTALL

Include py3c in Windows SWIG building instructions.

* build/generator/

(IncludeDependencyInfo._scan_for_includes): Ensure file data is

properly encoded as UTF8.

* build/generator/

(WinGeneratorBase.makeguid): Ensure data input to hashlib is binary

and not Unicode.

(WinGeneratorBase.get_win_includes): Include py3c include directory

in swig compile definition.

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