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Merge r1852013 from trunk:

* r1852013

Fix issue #4804: avoid test failures just because some SQLite compile-time

feature was enabled that changes its query plan descriptions.


Reported build failure on Gentoo Linux, see:


+1: brane, stsp

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Merge r1697845 from trunk:

* r1697845

Fix compiler warning about empty while statement body.


Whilst we don't usually backport compiler warning fixes, this one

is caused by a bug in a macro definition, which this backport fixes.


+1: brane, rhuijben, stefan2

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Merge the r1672295 group from trunk:

* r1672295, r1673691

Fix Sqlite 3.8.9 query performance regression on externals


The regression tests shouldn't fail.

(And the query performance on working copies with an extreme

number of externals defined on different paths shouldn't



+1: rhuijben, philip, brane

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Merge the r1664476 group from trunk:

* r1664476, r1664480, r1664481, r1664483, r1664507, r1664520, r1664521, r1664523, r1664526, r1664527, r1665845, r1665850, r1665852

Automatic create sqlite_stat1 table in wc.db if it doesn't exist.


Avoid performance regression on some old working copies.


This stats table provides very valuable hints to the sqlite query

optimizer. Sqlite 3.8.x needs this for most of our queries.


See "Manual Control Of Query Plans Using SQLITE_STAT Tables"


I (philip) think we cannot release 1.9.0 without this fix.


+1: philip, rhuijben, ivan, brane

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On the 1.9.x branch: Catch-up merge from trunk@1662901.

* STATUS: Closed for the Beta release.

Removed pending backport nominations, since they're all

included in the catch-up merge.

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