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Merge the 1.9.x-r1860936 branch:

* r1860936, r1860951, r1860958

Provide a way for svnserve's 'get-deleted-rev' API to return 'not deleted'.


Error handling was inconsistent across RA layers.




+1: julianfoad, stsp

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Merge r1697835 from trunk:

* r1697835

Fix compiler warning about const/non-const pointer conversion.


Whilst we don't usually backport compiler warning fixes, this one

is fallout from the r1696222 group backport.


+1: brane, rhuijben, stefan2

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Merge the r1696222 group from trunk:

* r1696222, r1696225

Implement polling on named pipes on Windows to resolve svn+ssh:// problems


Without this patch operations like checkout just fail with an error.

This is a regression as older Subversion releases ignored the error.


+1: rhuijben, brane, stefan2

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Merge the 1.9.x-r1664664 branch:

* r1664664, r1664672, r1664674

Make detection of invalid (newer than HEAD) base revision on commit behave

the same on all RA layers.


The error was visible when the http-v1 dav protocol was used. I think it

is a better fix to backport the check to the other layers than to hide

the problem.




+1: rhuijben, philip, brane

+1: stefan2 (before branch)

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Merge the r1673170 group from trunk:

* r1673170, r1673172, r1673692, r1673746

Introduce svn_fs_node_has_props() and use it where applicable


Checking whether there are properties should be more efficient than

retrieving all properties and then counting them. For directories above

a certain size this takes > 95% of the processing time of 'svn ls -v'


This patch just provides the api and updates callers to use it. Further

patches (that are not 1.9.0 only) may then improve performance per

filesystem implementation.


+1: rhuijben, stefan2, philip, danielsh (for 1.9.0 only)

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