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Merge r1856397 from trunk:

* r1856397

Allow generating Visual Studio 2019 projects


Makes it easier to build Subversion on Windows. Simple local fix.


+1: rhuijben

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On the 1.9.x branch, merge r1783704.

* r1783704

Add support to build with 'zlibstat.lib' in install-layout on Windows.


Simplifies build process on Windows.


+1: luke1410, rhuijben, stsp

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For Windows raise Apache httpd min version to 2.2.0 as per the minimal

supported httpd version for SVN >= 1.9.

* build/generator/

(_find_httpd): raise minimal_httpd_version to 2.2.0

Obvious fix.

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Merge the r1674626 group from trunk:

* r1674626, r1674785

On Windows: Enable memcached support in libsvn_subr on apr-util 1.3+


Apr-Util 1.3+ always provides memcached client support, so we can just

support this on Windows with a trivial buildsystem change. This makes the

behaviour similar to that on other platforms.


+1: rhuijben, ivan, stefan2

+0.9: brane (The change looks trivially correct, but I can't test it)

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Merge the r1689721 group from trunk:

* r1689721, r1689729, r1691924, r1692091, r1692093, r1692098

Improve optional dependency handling in VS project generator.


Fixes compilation with VS2015 when Ruby is found and with all VS versions

when serf and openssl are not available.


+1: rhuijben, brane

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Merge the r1663183 group from trunk:

* r1663183, r1663184

Introduce build support for Visual Studio "2015"


Unbreaks building with the VS version that should be released somewhere

later this year.


Includes a few generator fixes, and compilation fixes of utf8proc.c.


+1: rhuijben, brane, stefan2

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