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Changeset 1764633 is being indexed.

Revert's changes in r1764574, r1764572, r1764571, r1764570

and r1764569, as these backport commits were mixed up.

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[Note from the future: reverted in r1764633, to fix backport mixup]

Merge the 1.9.x-r1721488 branch:

* r1721488, r1721648

Enable building bindings with SWIG >= 3.0.6


Enable building bindings with SWIG 3.x. SWIG 2.x is end-of-life (no

releases since 2014) and is starting to be removed from Linux





+1: jamessan, stefan2

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Merge r1674580 from trunk:

* r1674580

Warn on SWIG 3.0.0 and newer.


SWIG 3.x versions have issues with our Python bindings and we don't

currently have a great way to work around this. Other languages work

fine so I left this as a warning.


+1: breser, rhuijben, philip

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