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Changeset 1816116 is being indexed.

* STATUS: Cast vote. Approve the issue #4704 fix.
* STATUS: Update nomination for issue #4707 (svnrdump 2 GB fix).

Change luke1410's vote to +1, at his request.

* STATUS: changing vote to -0 for #4707-fix and removing from approved changes
* STATUS: vote and approve issue #4707 fix for 1.8.x.
* STATUS: Cast vote.
* STATUS: Propose r1816069 (issue #4707, svnrdump 2 GB limit) for 1.8.x.
Bump 1.8.x patch level post-release.

* CHANGES: Bump.

* subversion/include/svn_version.h: Bump.

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Add r1803435 (svnadmin load vs. SHA1 collision warnings).


Retract the r1536854 nomination as using 1.9 for dumps is an alternative now.

Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.8.x branch to 1.8.19.
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Merge the 1.8.x-strict-repsharing-branch:

* r1785737, r1785738, r1785734, r1786447, r1785754, r1786445, r1786446, r1786515, r1794611, r1800387

Make FSFS consistency no longer depend on hash algorithms.


This eliminates any existing or future FSFS vulnerability due to

attacks on MD5 or SHA1.




Depends on r1759116 for correctness with older APR.

While the backport code is very close to the /trunk changes, it is

easier to review them as r1787637, r1787638 and r1787652 on the branch.

[Will create a text conflict with the r1785053 backport. Depending on

which change gets merged first, the respective other must be updated.]

r1800387 did the above merge and resolved the text conflicts.


+1: stefan2, stsp, rhuijben

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* STATUS: Approve the strict-rep-sharing backport by casting vote.

Extend my vote on the strict-rep-sharing group to include r1800387.

* STATUS: Add annotation missed in r1800404.
* STATUS (1.8.x): Add r1800387 to the 1.8.x-strict-rep-sharing group.

* STATUS: Vote for the 1.8.x-strict-rep-sharing branch.

On the 1.8.x branch, merge r1745515 and r1746364 from trunk.

* r1745515, r1746364

Update serf download URIs to ASF.


Resolves build script issues since the old google code URI is 404 now.


Merge with --accept=working due to absence of

tools/dev/ on the 1.8 branch.


+1: stefan2, stsp

-0: rhuijben (Makefile.svn is patched but not fixed)

-0 (non-binding): luke1410 (r1700130 is missing - will have to create a

backport branch)

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* STATUS (1.8.x): Vote for the r1745515 group.

Note the Bert: Anyone using Makefile.svn (if at all) should use the

trunk version, so actually fixing it on the branch is not necessary.

Reintegrate the 1.8.x-r1785053 branch:

* r1785053

Never attempt to share directory representations in FSFS.


This fixes inconsistent behavior. We never add dir reps to the rep-

cache but would happily share any file or prop rep that happens to

match the respective directory rep.




Will create a text conflict with the strict-rep-sharing patches.

Depending on which change gets merged first, the respective other

needs to be updated.


+1: stefan2, rhuijben, stsp

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* STATUS: Vote for 1.8.x-r1785053 branch, approving.

* STATUS: Update vote. Note problem.
* STATUS: Extend vote.
On the 1.8.x branch, merge r1759116.

* r1759116

Work around an APR bug in svn_io_file_trunc with buffered r/w files.


Without this patch, trunc() will leave buffered file objects with

alternating read and write accesses in an inconsistent state. Apart

from being a bug in one of our public APIs, this will cause corruptions

in FSFS when the strict-rep-sharing patches get backported.


+1: stefan2, rhuijben, stsp

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On the 1.8.x branch:

* STATUS: Vote for r1759116, approving. Needs 1.9 client to merge cleanly.


Add r1794611 to the strict-rep-sharing group.

* STATUS: Cast vote.
* STATUS: Following up on r1787764 use right branch revisions for 1.9.x->1.8.x.
[Revert r1787783]
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[Accidental commit of r1787785, combined with nominated change.

Reverted in 1787784]

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* STATUS: Cast two votes.