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Changeset 1800382 is being indexed.

* STATUS (1.8.x): Vote for the r1745515 group.

Note the Bert: Anyone using Makefile.svn (if at all) should use the

trunk version, so actually fixing it on the branch is not necessary.

Reintegrate the 1.8.x-r1785053 branch:

* r1785053

Never attempt to share directory representations in FSFS.


This fixes inconsistent behavior. We never add dir reps to the rep-

cache but would happily share any file or prop rep that happens to

match the respective directory rep.




Will create a text conflict with the strict-rep-sharing patches.

Depending on which change gets merged first, the respective other

needs to be updated.


+1: stefan2, rhuijben, stsp

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* STATUS: Vote for 1.8.x-r1785053 branch, approving.

* STATUS: Update vote. Note problem.
* STATUS: Extend vote.
On the 1.8.x branch, merge r1759116.

* r1759116

Work around an APR bug in svn_io_file_trunc with buffered r/w files.


Without this patch, trunc() will leave buffered file objects with

alternating read and write accesses in an inconsistent state. Apart

from being a bug in one of our public APIs, this will cause corruptions

in FSFS when the strict-rep-sharing patches get backported.


+1: stefan2, rhuijben, stsp

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On the 1.8.x branch:

* STATUS: Vote for r1759116, approving. Needs 1.9 client to merge cleanly.


Add r1794611 to the strict-rep-sharing group.

* STATUS: Cast vote.
* STATUS: Following up on r1787764 use right branch revisions for 1.9.x->1.8.x.
[Revert r1787783]
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[Accidental commit of r1787785, combined with nominated change.

Reverted in 1787784]

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* STATUS: Cast two votes.
* STATUS: Following up on r1787654, fix two branchnames.

Nominate r1759116 (trunc fix)

Nominate r1785053 (no dir rep sharing)

Nominate r1785737 group (strict rep sharing)

Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.8.x branch to 1.8.18.
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* STATUS: Remove comment accidentally left after r1770609.
Merge the 1.8.x-issue4658 branch:

* r1766352, r1766590

Fix issue #4658: Can't reconstruct fulltext from DELTA against PLAIN in FSFS


Prevents access to committed data. This is as close to a corruption one

could get without actually corrupting anything. User reported issue.




r1766352 contains the actual fix.

r1766590 adds a test case for it.


+1: stefan2, stsp, brane

+0: rhuijben

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Merge the 1.8.x-r1724448 branch:

* r1724448, r1770355

Fix handling of newly secured subdirectories in a working copy


Regression against <= 1.6.x. Without this patch a directory that

(still) exists locally but to which a user has no access is handled as

a local obstruction on the next update that brings a change to this tree

and the local working copy state is broken. This patch handles the

incomming change as a delete, properly marking a tree conflict if

necessary, allowing a user to make a copy of local changes.

(Committing a copy would be hard though... as the user most likely

doesn't have the rights to copy from what is now hidden).




r1770355 fixes a test failure specific to the backport branch.


+1: stsp, stefan2, brane

+1: rhuijben (without r1770355)

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Merge the 1.8.x-portability branch:

* r1722860, r1722879, r1722887

Memory access portability issues.


Not complying to the C standard is bad. At the very least we

improve the signal/noise ratio when using memory sanitizers.

Part of this patch set (r1722879) fixes a crash on SPARC that

apparently gets masked by some lucky caller pattern.

Finally, these changes make the code actually simpler.


r1722860 fixes the issue originally reported on dev@.

r1722879 fixes a follow-up issue found by the SPARC buildbot.

r1722887 removes similar logic from the membuffer cache although

that had not been reported a faulty.




+1: stefan2, stsp

+1: brane, however: [[[

subversion/libsvn_subr/utf_validate.c:273:28: warning: comparison of constant 128 with expression

of type 'const char' is always false [-Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare]

if (*data < 0 || *data >= 0x80)

~~~~~ ^ ~~~~

This is happily not exactly a bug because the '< 0' branch will

catch these cases, but it's really messy ...]]]

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Merge the r1717875 group from trunk:

* r1717875, r1717878

Make inherited property api consistent over all ra layers


Our ra implementations should follow the documentation... and should

be as consistent as possible between each other. Only because the

caller uses svn_path_url_add_component2() this wasn't noticed by

our code.


A test for this issue was added in r1717874, but requires plumbing

that isn't available on 1.8.x


+1: rhuijben, stefan2, brane

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Merge the 1.8.x-issue4557 branch:

* r1663500

Fix issue #4557, "ra_serf fails to delete directory containing many files"


Regression introduced in 1.8.10.


The associated test is still failing because it was extended to check

COPY as well as DELETE. Issue #4557 is just about DELETE requests.




+1: stsp, stefan2, brane

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
* branches/1.8.x/STATUS: Approve the r1717875 group.
* branches/1.8.x/STATUS: Approve the r1663500 group.
* branches/1.8.x/STATUS: Almost veto the r1722860 group but approve

it anyway on the grounds that yuck != bug.

* branches/1.8.x/STATUS,

branches/1.9.x/STATUS: Veto r1701488 as invalid: contrib/ is not part of our releases.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* branches/1.8.x/STATUS: Remove veto and approve the r1724448 group. Approve the r1766352 group.

Withdraw veto from r1724448 group after the fix and +1 it.

* STATUS: Add a note that vetos were cast before r1770355.

* STATUS (for 1.8.x): Add r1770355 to nomination of r1724448.