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* STATUS: Nominate r1850651.

On all branches:

.: Removed redundant SVN properties

  1. … 92 more files in changeset.
* STATUS: Update nomination for r1753130 to document that the patch is no

longer mandatory for the latest SQLite versions.

* STATUS (for 1.7.x): Use the standard format so svn-role wouldn't complain.

(It still runs for 1.6 through 1.9 nightly.)

* STATUS (for 1.7.x): Nominate CVE-2017-9800 to make it clear this branch is vulnerable to it,

as done for 1.6.x in r1804709.

* STATUS: Corrected previous nomination (remove r1753129)
* STATUS: Nominate r1753129, r1753130
* STATUS: Moved nomination to end of candidate list
* STATUS: Mark this branch closed.
* STATUS: Nominate r1703470, r1703475
* branches/1.7.x/STATUS,



Tweak proposal for r1701488 to mention the issue #4592.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Revert the unintentional merges in r1701491, leaving just the proposals for backport.
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
* branches/1.7.x/STATUS,



Propose r1701488 (fix for backport.

[Also accidentally included the merging of this change to each branch;

I reverted that part in r1701493.]

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.7.x branch to 1.7.23.
* CHANGES (1.7.x): Merge outstanding changes from trunk.

On the 1.7.x branch: Fix test suite by making --httpd-version a valid option.

Obvious fix. Follow-up to r1692801.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/svntest/

(_create_parser): Add --httpd-version option.

Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.7.x branch to 1.7.22.
On the 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x branches: Cherry-pick r1692798 and 1692799 from trunk.

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  1. … 24 more files in changeset.
On the 1.7.x branch: Sync CHANGES from trunk.

* CHANGES: Include entries for 1.7.21

Merge the 1.7.x-VS2015 branch:

* ^/subversion/branches/1.7.x-VS2015

Fix compilation with VS2015 when ruby is found


Avoid overriding 'snprintf' on Visual Studio version(s) that define

this function directly, avoids compilation errors.


+1: rhuijben, brane

* branches/1.7.x/STATUS: Approve the 1.7.x-VS2015 poposal.

* branches/1.7.x/STATUS: Add r1567080 to the r1542765 group and unblock the proposal.

On the 1.7.x branch: revert r1687152 and the r1542765 group backport,

because it breaks the working copy when using SQLite 3.7.5.


* STATUS: Reinstate the r1542765 group proposal and temporarily veto it.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/upgrade.c,



subversion/libsvn_wc/wc_db.h: Revert the r1687152 changeset.

* STATUS: Nominate the 1.7.x-VS2015 branch.
Merge the 1.7.x-r1674455 branch:

* ^/subversion/branches/1.7.x-r1674455

Make 'svn cp ^/A/D/H@1 ^/A' properly create A


Resurrecting a child as its own ancestor should work, instead of produce

an error message on a non existing problem.


Needs backport branch since the test framework changed on trunk


+1: rhuijben, stefan2, brane

Merge the v1.7.x-VS2012-15 branch:

* ^/subversion/branches/v1.7.x-VS2012-15

Support building with Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015


Without this patch building 1.7.x with the last two releases

of Visual Studio requires manual upgrade steps. This patch does

the minimal amount of work to handle things automatically.


+1: rhuijben, stefan2, brane

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Merge the 1.7.x-r1561419 branch:

* r1561419

Fix 'svnadmin recover' for pre-1.4 FSFS repositories.


After recovering a repository committed to by 1.8, future commits may

otherwise use ambiguous IDs.




+1: stefan2, stsp, brane

Merge the 1.7.x-issue4551 branch:

* r1652182, r1652195, r1652200, r1653622, r1653623, r1653988, r1654039, r1654162, r1654186, r1654271

Fix issue #4551 "svnrdump load commits wrong properties, or fails, on a

non-deltas dumpfile".


Data loss.

Branch: ^/subversion/branches/1.7.x-issue4551


r1653988, r1654039, r1654271 contain the fixes; the rest are adding tests.


+1: julianfoad, stefan2, brane

[Reverted in r1692658]

Merge the 1.7.x-r1542765 branch:

* r1542765, r1571214

Add Sqlite index information.


Adding this information explains to Sqlite how we use our indexes. While

Subversion 1.7 doesn't depend on this as much as 1.8 as we didn't tune the

queries as much at that time, this information will make several queries

use indexes instead of table scans.




+1: rhuijben, stefan2, brane

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* branches/1.7.x/STATUS: Vote for r1659867 and the r1654932 group.