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On all branches:

.: Removed redundant SVN properties

  1. … 92 more files in changeset.
On the 1.5.x branch:

Fix up mergeinfo as a result of the revert in r1181169.

* subversion/mod_dav_svn/repos.c:

Revert changes accidentally committed in r1181166.

* STATUS: Note the deletion rev of a few old branches, in case folks wish

to resurrect them some day.

[ Note: Changes to subversion/mod_dav_svn/repos.c were non-intentional, and

reverted in r1181169. ]

* CHANGES (for 1.5.x): Merge all edits not related to 1.6.x and trunk from

the CHANGES file on trunk. This mostly updates URLs from

to It also fixes some typos and release dates.

* STATUS (for 1.5.x): Nominate r1071239 and r1071307. (+1 from philip via IRC)

* STATUS: Nominate r902467.

* STATUS: Nominate r1058722.

Nominated r1041638 for backport to the 1.5.x branch.

Post-release version bump.



Bump to 1.5.10.

Bring CHANGES up-to-date with trunk for the 1.5.9 release.

Merge r880162 from trunk:

* r880162

Fix ruby test failure caused by the merge of r879293.


Failing tests are bad.


+1: hwright, cmpilato

* STATUS: Move r880162 to approved (2 votes for bindings work)

Vote for r880162.
Reintegrate the 1.5.x-serf-config branch:

* 1.5.x-serf-config branch

Block Subversion from compiling with too-new serf versions.


Prevent user confusion in the presence of incompatible serf installs.


+1: peters, philip, cmpilato

Vote for 1.5.x-serf-config, approving.
* STATUS: Add fix for ruby test failure.

* STATUS: vote for 1.5.x-serf-config
* 1.5.x/STATUS: Vote for my serf detect patch.

* STATUS: Add the serf version-blocking item.

Merge r1041438 from trunk:

* r1041438

Further improvement to an approved backport of a blame -g server-side

memory leak fix (r1032808).


Very simple change that fixes another memory leak.


In the test case described in, r1032808 dropped

svnserve's peak memory use from 574 MB to 71 MB. r1041438 further

drops it to 51 MB.


+1: pburba, hwright, cmpilato (via IRC)

Merge r880082 from trunk:

* r880082

Respect Apache's ServerSignature directive.


Many subversion server administrators want it.


+1: stylesen, cmpilato, hwright

Merge r879293 from trunk:

* r879293

Perform MIME type matching case-insensitively. (Issue #3479)


The broken behavior is inconsistent with the way MIME mapping

files are used everywhere else in the world.


This merge will conflict due to changes in the path APIs. Use

--accept=theirs-conflict to merge it, and then replace the one

introduced call to svn_dirent_local_style() with svn_path_local_style().


+1: cmpilato, pburba, hwright

Merge r877842 from trunk:

* r877842

Make svnadmin load tolerate mergeinfo with "\r\n".


Prior to this change you cannot load a dump file that contains Windows

style newlines in svn:mergeinfo. See


+1: pburba, cmpilato, hwright

* STATUS: Add some votes of my own.

Merge r1032808 from trunk:

* r1032808

Fix blame -g server-side memory leaks.


As detailed in,

blame -g can trigger a serious server side memory leak.


+1: stsp, philip, pburba

(For 1.6.x there was +1: pburba, cmpilato, hwright)

Merge r1022675 from trunk:

* r1022675 (r982355 from ^subversion/branches/performance)

Limit the amount of unused memory fragments held by the root pools.


In combination with blame -g server side memory leaks, see r1032808 and, svnserve's memory

usage can get bloated and stay that way, see



Use --accept=mine-full to avoid bizzare branch root property conflicts

on 'svn:ignore' and 'bugtraq:logregex'.


+1: stsp, philip, pburba

(For 1.6.x there was +1: pburba, cmpilato, hwright)

Reintegrate the 1.5.x-r36775 branch:

* r876804, r876840, r876849

Fix issue #3383 'Foreign repository merge can add mergeinfo from the

foreign repos'


At best this mergeinfo refers to non-existent paths in the target's

repos. At worst the mergeinfo intersects with actual path/revisions

in the merge target. The latter might cause real problems, making it

appear merges have been done that actually have not or vice-versa.


r876849 is the fix, the other revisions are expansion of an existing

merge test to cover this issue. There are some minor conflicts, a

backport branch can be found at ^subversion/branches/1.5.x-r36775.


+1: pburba, arfrever, cmpilato

Merge r876097 from trunk:

* r876097

Resolve symlinks when checking ~/.subversion


It gives flexibility to users to link different .subversion folders.


+1: stylesen, stsp, cmpilato

* STATUS: Vote for r879293 and add cmpilato's IRC vote for r1041438.