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Merge r1853483 from trunk:

* r1853483

Fix #4760 "Missing children when svnadmin dump --include/exclude converts

copy-dir to add-dir".


The new feature was broken.


+1: julianfoad, stsp

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* branches/1.10.x/STATUS: Vote for r1839739.
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Merge the r1838813 group from trunk:

* r1838813, r1839703, r1839734, r1842262, r1842264

Let 'svnadmin recover' prune the rep-cache even if it is disabled.


Can potentially lead to data loss.


+1: julianfoad, rhuijben

+1: danielsh (would prefer read_rep_cache() to check format numbers; see the "r1838813" thread on dev@) (without r1839703, r1839734)

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Merge the r1826811 group from trunk:

* r1826811, r1826814, r1826877, r1826907, r1826971

Fix issue 4725: FSFS block-read mode doesn't work.


Block-read is enabled automatically when svnadmin has a cache bigger

than 64MB. It can be manually enabled in mod_dav_svn/svnserve.


+1: philip, stefan2, rhuijben

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