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Merge the r1854072 group from trunk:

* r1854072, r1854074, r1854216

Fix issue #4806: Remove on-disk trees with read-only directories in them.


Fixes an edge case in our tree removal code. If we clear read-only

permissions on files in order to remove them, we should do the same for



+1: brane, stsp

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Merge r1836306 from trunk:

* r1836306

Ignore stat() reporting size zero when reading from pipe/fifo.


Makes things like 'svn ci -F <(echo foo)' work.


+1: philip, danielsh, rhuijben

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Merge r1833621 from trunk:

* r1833621

Since on Windows Subversion does not handle symlinks, never check for reparse points.


Without this, shell extensions like TSVN fail with files in OneDrive on Windows.


+1: steveking, stsp, jcorvel

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Merge r1821224 from trunk:

* r1821224

Rename and move the new-for-1.10 function 'svn_io_stdin_readline()'.


This function is not a good fit for our public API.

See discussion which starts here:


+1: stsp, julianfoad, danielsh

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Merge r1819093 from trunk:

* r1819093

Introduce a new global option: --password-from-stdin


Small, useful, self-contained feature written by a new contributor.

It would be nice if this were released in 1.10 because otherwise the

contributor would have to wait for a very long time to see the result

of their work in a release.


+1: stsp, stefan2, jamessan

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