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* STATUS: Nominate r1880192.
* STATUS: Nominate issue #4859 (merge bug fix).
* 1.10.x/STATUS (r1879198),

1.14.x/STATUS (r1879198): Merge two nominations of the same revision.

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* STATUS: Nominate r1879198.
* STATUS: Add nomination.
* STATUS: Nominate r1875602.
* STATUS (1.10.x): Nominate r1874850.

Merge the r1865987 group from trunk:

* r1865987, r1866588

Fix formatting type size mismatches in FSFS.


Could cause wrong output or uninitialised memory read on some platforms.


+1: brane, jamessan, stsp


Vote +1 on r1875726.

Vote +1 on r1876054.

* STATUS (1.10.x): Nominate r1876054.

* STATUS (1.10.x): Vote for issue #4840 fix, adding r1875188 and r1875189.

* STATUS (1.10.x): Vote for r1865987 group, approving.

* STATUS (1.10.x): Nominate r1875726.

* STATUS (1.10.x): Vote for r1875680.

* STATUS: Nominate r1875680.
Nominate r1872030 group (issue #4840, merge assertion failure).
Merge r1868151 from trunk:

* r1868151

Fix syntax error when $PYTHON is Python 3.


Python 2 will reach EOL during the lifetime of this branch.


+1: danielsh, jamessan


Vote +1 on the r1865987 group.

Vote +1 on r1868151, approving.

Merge r1866425 from trunk:

* r1866425

mod_dav_svn: Set Last-Modified response header for 'external' GET requests.


The Last-Modified header was removed in r1724790 for performance reasons.

However, for external requests the Last-Modified header is needed for

certain use cases. Bringing it back only for external requests fixes

these, while keeping the performance gain for checkout / update.


+1: jcorvel, brane, rhuijben

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* STATUS: Cast a vote.
* STATUS: Nominate r1868151.
Merge r1864440 from trunk:

* r1864440

Fix 'svn patch' setting UNIX permissions to 0600 on files with props.


'svn patch' should honour the user's umask.

User complained:


+1: stsp, rhuijben, brane

Merge the r1863987 group from trunk:

* r1863987, r1863990

Fix format of Requires(.private) fields in pkg-config files


Fixes format of .pc files and specifies correct include/link flags


+1: jamessan, rhuijben, brane

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* branches/1.10.x/STATUS: Approve r1864440 and the r1863987 group.
* branches/1.10.x/STATUS: Vote for r1866425.

* branches/1.10.x/STATUS, branches/1.12.x/STATUS:

Propose r1865987, r1866588 for backport.

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Merge r1865266 from trunk:

* r1865266

mod_dav_svn: Always install cleanup handler for FS warning logging.


FS warning logging cleanup handler was only installed in the presence

of an R->USER request field, which is unrelated.


+1: stsp, rhuijben, jcorvel

* STATUS: Vote for and approve r1865266.

* STATUS: Nominate r1866425 (mod_dav_svn: Set Last-Modified response header

for 'external' GET requests.)

* STATUS: Cast some votes.