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Changeset 876805 is being indexed.

Add the Chinese Translation according to r36726

of English Version.

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.zh.html

Finish the translation based on r36726 of


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Expand an existing merge test to cover issue #3383.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(foreign_repos_does_not_update_mergeinfo): Expand test, note reason for


(test_list): Set foreign_repos_does_not_update_mergeinfo to XFail.

Unpublicize an single-use function.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/old-and-busted.c

(resolve_to_defaults): Static-ify and rename.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/entries.h

(svn_wc__resolve_to_defaults): Remove.

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html:

Fix validation errors.

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html:

In several places, make the incomplete comments a little more palatable.

Add a section on the sparse directory exclusion feature to the release notes.

This is so shamelessly ripped off from Mike's blog post on the same subject,

that I'm going to give him credit for it.

Patch by: cmpilato

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html

(sparse-directory-exclusion): New section.

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html:

More XXX removal.

Rename a confusing local variable. No functional change.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/adm_ops.c:

(tweak_entries): rename DIRPATH to DIR_ACCESS since the variable is an

access baton, not a path.

Announce the public release of Subversion 1.6.0: the New Hotness of the

Subversion world.

* www/getting.html,




Typical post-release announcements and housekeeping.

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html:

Remove unreleased warning.

Whitespace changes only for style.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/update_editor.c: fix some indentation/style.

The script changes the cwd down into the script directory, so just use "."

to find the script to run.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/ forget SCRIPTDIR and use "."

Apache 2.3 removed the ap_default_type() function. The theory here is that

every resource should know its type rather than have one applied by

default. Mismatches between the actual content-type and one simply placed

onto a resource can lead to vulnerabilities, confusion for the client, and

other unseemly behavior. Thus, the removal of ap_default_type().

If we can't figure out a good mime type to use, then we'll default to a

bag o' bytes: application/octet-stream.

NOTE: This is a change of behavior -- this code would in the past have

typically fallen back to "text/plain". But now seems as good a

time as any to ensure that we are reporting something more

likely to be true for the Content-Type of a file whose contents

may or may not be human-readable "text".

* subversion/mod_dav_svn/liveprops.c:

(insert_prop): use application/octet-stream as the fallback

* subversion/mod_dav_svn/repos.c:

(set_headers): use application/octet-stream as the fallback

* www/svn_1.6_releasenotes.html:

A couple of XXX-removals in preparation for 1.6.0.


(1.6.1): New section, with completed merges to the branch.

Remove the 1.6.x-r36252 branch, reintegrated to 1.6.x in r36716.

Reintegrate the 1.6.x-r36252 branch:

* r36252-36253 (on branch 1.6.x-r36252)

Fix valgrind UMRs.


UMRs are undefined behaviour


+1: philip, rhuijben, stsp, arfrever, gstein

Following up to the change made in r36697 and the problems noted in, this revision detects

old logs that have an out-of-order sequence of actions and corrects it.

This independently fixes the problem surface by our recent change to the

entries code (iow, backing out that change, and keeping this one, will get

the tests passing and wcprops working again).

* subversion/libsvn_wc/log.c:

(log_do_modify_entry): detect a change created by accumulate_entry_props

and preemptively clear the DELETED flag.

Merge r36686, r36689 from trunk:

* r36686, r36689

Fix an apparent bug in crop.c: it was fetch a *pruned* list of entries,

modifying the depth value of one of them, then writing the *subset* as if

it were the entire list of entries.


Makes it possible to corrupt the working copy by removing entries that

shouldn't be removed.


r36686 is the fix and r36689 adds a regression test.


+1: rhuijben, gstein, danielsh

Merge r36302 from trunk:

* r36302

Fix a small problem in the loggy upgrade process. Some v10 working copies

have .svn/format, and some don't. The *intent* is to remove the file if

present, so make the code match.


If is used to downgrade a working copy

from 1.6 to 1.5 format, the script does not add the format file,

rendering 1.6 clients unable to update the working copy again:

"svn: Can't remove file '.svn/format': No such file or directory"

Since the presence of that file has been deprecated for ages,

let's just apply this easy fix to 1.6 instead of tweaking the script.


+1: rhuijben, stsp, arfrever, gstein

Merge some-time controversial r36213 from trunk:

* r36213

Trivial help output fix.


Errors in documentation are bad, obvious fix.


Already merged to 1.6.x by Arfrever in r36214, but reverted

in 36322 because it was not formally voted on.

And a few weeks later merged in r36625 by Jens Seidel and reverted

in r36647.


+1: stsp, arfrever, gstein, rhuijben

Merge r36444 from trunk:

* r36444

Optimize merge performance when dealing with subtree mergeinfo.


Another simple change which, in many common situations, avoids unneeded

communication with the server for each subtree with explicit mergeinfo.

If the merge target has many subtrees with mergeinfo, the performance

improvment can be dramatic, see


+1: pburba, rhuijben, arfrever

Merge r36159 from trunk:

* r36159

Fix proxying of LOCK and UNLOCK requests via WebDAV proxies.


With the fix, each slave server tries to field the lock/unlock, resulting

in competing ideas of what is and isn't locked.


+1: cmpilato, rhuijben, arfrever, gstein

Merge r36049-r36051, r36131 from trunk:

* r36049-r36051, r36131

Resolve the SVN_ERR_MALFUNCTION() reproducible on Windows with

svn ci "C:/Program FIles" C:/Windows

by handling parent directories correctly.

(r36050 and r36050 are typo fixes; r36131 some extra cleanup)


This malfunction makes 32 abort on Windows. Which in turn

delays the Windows automated testrun until a user confirms.

(This doesn't fix this testcase; it just handles this part of the problem)


+1: rhuijben, pburba, steveking, gstein

Merge r36093, r36292, r36406 from trunk:

* r36093, r36292, r36406

Improve some messages.


+1: arfrever, gstein, rhuijben

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Merge r36559 from trunk:

* r36559

Fix warning in Python 2.6 for ctypes-python bindings


+1: djames, arfrever, gstein

Merge r36256 from trunk:

* r36256

Fix potentially awful performance of --ignore-ancestry merges.


A very simple change which avoids an unneeded walk of the entire merge

target. For large WCs the performance improvment can be dramatic.



+1: pburba, rhuijben, gstein, arfrever


Pick up a couple of posthumous changes for 1.6.0.

Merge r36238 from trunk:

* r36238

Fix build of RHEL5 RPM packages.


Won't build properly without these changes. Not a release blocker for

1.6.0 but would be nice if the train is still in the station. Otherwise

please feel free to move to 1.6.1.


+1: dws, arfrever, gstein

Merge r36388 from trunk:

* r36388

Recommend Neon 0.28.4.


+1: arfrever, gstein, rhuijben,

steveking (already using neon 0.28.4 in TSVN)

Merge r36209 from trunk:

* r36209

Update paths to svnmucc.


+1: arfrever, gstein, rhuijben

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