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Changeset 1857378 is being indexed.

publish: merge from staging

* staging/docs/release-notes/1.12.html: Document more client- and server-side

changes, based on items in the CHANGES file.

* publish: merge from staging

* staging/docs/release-notes/1.12.html

(conflict-resolver): Document resolver features added for 1.12.

* STATUS: Nominate r1857367.

* STATUS: Nominate r1857367.

* STATUS: Nominate r1857367.

Fix memory lifetime problem in a libsvn_wc error code path.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/wc_db_update_move.c

(suitable_for_move): Calling svn_sqlite__column_text() with a NULL result

pool twice means the result of the first call becomes invalid. Store the

child_relpath variable in a pool. It is passed to path_for_error_message()

later, after another call to svn_sqlite__column_text() with a NULL result

pool has already occurred.

Crash observed on OpenBSD:

#0 strlen () at /usr/src/lib/libc/arch/amd64/string/strlen.S:125

#1 0x00000c38d5de6db7 in svn_dirent_join (

base=0xc38dfe1ef00 "/home/stsp/svn/svn-1.12.0/subversion/tests/libsvn_wc/svn-test-work/working-copies/move_update_subtree",

component=0xc390ca94fc8 '\337' <repeats 55 times>, <incomplete sequence \337><error: Cannot access memory at address 0xc390ca95000>, pool=0xc38eeceff00)

at subversion/libsvn_subr/dirent_uri.c:1007

#2 0x00000c38f686a815 in path_for_error_message (wcroot=0xc387ee3d300,

local_relpath=0xc390ca94fc8 '\337' <repeats 55 times>, <incomplete sequence \337><error: Cannot access memory at address 0xc390ca95000>,

result_pool=0xc38eeceff00) at subversion/libsvn_wc/wc_db_update_move.c:167

#3 0x00000c38f686ad1f in suitable_for_move (wcroot=0xc387ee3d300,

local_relpath=0xc387efe4ce0 "A/B", scratch_pool=0xc38eeceff00)

at subversion/libsvn_wc/wc_db_update_move.c:2192

Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.12.x branch to 1.12.1.
Tagging release 1.12.0
    • ?
On the '1.12.x' branch: sync 'CHANGES' from trunk.
Add a release date for 1.12.0.
* STATUS: Nominate VS2019 support.
* STATUS: Nominate VS2019 support.
Add support for generating Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 project files.

* build/generator/

(parse_options): Add magic numbers for Visual Studio 2019.

* publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html: Revert mistaken r1855211.^M^MThanks to danielsh for pointing it out.
* STATUS: Nominate r1855419.

* STATUS: Nominate r1855419.

Create 1.11.x backport branch for r1855419.

* STATUS: Nominate r1855419.

Create 1.10.x backport branch for r1855419.

Fix conflict resolver bug where local and incoming edits got swapped.

When auto-resolving an incoming file move vs local file edit tree

conflict after an update or switch operation, text conflicts were

created with the incoming changes (theirs) and local changes (mine)

swapped within text conflict markers. When such a text conflict was

then resolved with the --accept mf/mc/tf/tc options the result was

the opposite of what it should have been.

Reported by: Jonathan Guy

* subversion/libsvn_client/conflicts.c

(resolve_incoming_move_file_text_merge): After update/switch, run the

text merge in a way that makes local and incoming changes properly

land on their respective sides of a text conflict.

Announce Subversion 1.12.0-rc1
* publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html:

Don't use for pre-releases.

* docs/release-notes/1.12.html

(github-issue): Remove. Issue was resolved by Github end of December 2018.

* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
Merge r1853761 from trunk:

* r1853761

Fix an "unused static function" warning in non-maintainer mode builds.


Requested on dev@. Fixes a compiler warning.


+1: danielsh, brane, stsp

Merge the r1851676 group from trunk:

* r1851676, r1851687, r1851791

Allow the use of empty groups in authz rules.


Fixes regression from 1.9.x. Does not affect authz file semantics.


- r1851676 adds a regression test.

- r1851687 fixes the bug and extends the test.

- r1851791 refers to issue #4802.


+1: brane, julianfoad, stsp

Merge the r1847598 group from trunk:

* r1847598, r1847697, r1847922, r1847924, r1847946

Fix SVN-4793: authz rights from inverted access selectors were not

accounted for at the global level, causing wrong authz check results.


Fixes a regression in the new authz parser and resolver.


- r1847598 and r1847697 are only test suite changes, but by including

them we can avoids creating a backport branch.

- r1847924 and r1847946 are tiny but IMO relevant comment tweaks.


+1: brane, stefan2, stsp

Merge r1847377 from trunk:

* r1847377

Reduce the scope of the Windows-specific help text for 'svn list'.


Should make backporting translations easier with a more more similar

generated .po file.


+1: brane, stefan2, stsp