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SANTUARIO-542 - SignatureProperties incorrectly gets sibling nodes of the parent element, instead of the child elements

Updating BouncyCastle

Fixing build

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release xmlsec-2.1.5
Updating NOTICE

SANTUARIO-526 - XMLSecStartDocumentImpl returns null version instead of default "1.0". Thanks to Peter De Maeyer for the patch.

Backporting tests

SANTUARIO-524 - Unable to pass Provider to HMAC SignatureMethod

Updating surefire

Updating parent version

SANTUARIO--523 XMLSecurityStreamReader now correctly reads info from XML declara

tion. Thanks to Peter De Maeyer for the patch.

Some trivial fixes
Updating surefire
Updating a few plugins and deps
Fixing cherry-pick
Fixing build with latest openjdk which seems to preinstall the Santuario provider
Updating Jetty
Fixing javadoc with Java 11
Fixing javadoc warnings
Fixing backport
Enforce the name and namespace of a Signature Element
SANTUARIO-515 - XMLSignature does not enforce structure of the ds:Signature element
SANTUARIO-514 - XMLSignature processes KeyInfo elements twice
Fork the tests to make sure we are picking up changes to algorithms
SANTUARIO-512 - security-config.xml is out of date
Disallow DTDs for config files
Updating BouncyCastle
SANTUARIO-508 - NPE in XMLSignatureInput