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translated comments into en-US the second part
translated comments into en-US
Fixed error introduced in my last commit.
Fixed missing line
Reformated Hex-Dumps for better "readability"
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Updated graphic
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Fixed typo
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Updated graphics for sidebar
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Updated graphic
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Cleaned up files for media controls, re-added entries for maskcolor
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Removed double space
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Cleaned up resource file for media controls, removed entries for maskcolor
Converted remaining AV graphics from indexed color to RGB
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Cleaned up resource file, fixed typo, removed whitespace
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ca translation after completion UI
hy translation for the next dev build aoo42x
et translation after completion
Updated download number to 270 million.
Cleaned up resource file, fixed typo, removed whitespace
Changed download name for Dev build (according to openoffice.lst), removed whitespace
Merge r1856914 from trunk:

Reviewed by: jim

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Set ADDSYSTEMINTEGRATION for Beta and Dev builds

Corrected help for Start Center
Port a main/tools unit test from cppunit to gtest.

Patch by: me

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Minor cleanup, translated German comments
Changed include line for Dev build similar to Beta build

(hopefully fixes the missing desktop integration)

Updated graphic for about dialog
Revert Norwegian translation (error in helpcontent2: filternavigator)
recent translations

Contributed by: mechtilde

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Small corrections to German AutoText