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recent hy translation - gsicheck ok
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correct path and filename version for beanshell

beanshell is catB

recent de translation - gsicheck ok
recent hy translation - gsicheck ok
Forgot to remove two lines for MASKCOLOR
Use something smaller for a build number for 4.5.0 (but leave room for 4.2/3/4.0)

Cleaned up resource file

Removed entry for MASKCOLOR

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Try to address

Be sure that /usr/local/bin is in PATH. Just in case, add it at the end

As long as we have the full path, use it

Use fakeroot instead of our custom getuid.c LD_PRELOAD hack if available when creating Debian packages. This is because epm and dpkg ( need to be fooled into thinking that root is creating these packages for the correct permissions.

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update l10n kab for better building
Force -dynamiclib with -install_name and allow for max pathlen, just in case

Fix the path to s5abi_macosx_x86-64 (the last separator is a minus,

not an underscore).

Patch by: me

OS/2 has black pointer
Corrected mask for X11 pointer (autoscroll south west)
Unified OS/2 pointers (color depth)
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Small corrections for new version number
Restored two broken OS/2 pointer (link/unlink frames)
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Corrected hotspot for OS/2 pointer (table selector)
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Corrected hotspot for OS/2 pointer (airbrush)
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Corrected hotspot for X11 pointer (autoscroll south west)
Corrected hotspot for pointer (autoscroll south west)
Get macOS building and packaging again. Following changes/fixes:

o Stop pretending/forcing *Nix shared lib versioning on macOS

o Use smaller and more easily manageable temp temps by leveraging --headerpad dyld option

o misc gbuild fixes

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Removed whitespace
Cleaned up resource file
set 0u - so it build under Debian 9 too - thanks Damjan ffor the hint
bump all

and keep with the idea that trunk is 4.5.x

bump up to outrageous numbers...