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Improved: Separate resources from Java source files


This moves the resource files in a dedicated "src/main/resources"

directory. This convention follows the Maven standard directory

layout which is the convention used by default in Gradle.

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Improved: Disallow extension of the script helper bindings (OFBIZ-10825)

‘ScriptHelper’ is a mechanism used to add some useful bindings to

scripts. This feature has been introduced in revision 1299924 by

Adrian Crum as part of an general effort of supporting the Generic

Scripting Engine specified by JSR-223.

Previously this mechanism was extensible, however it appears to be

undesirable (nor used in practice) to extend the bindings available to

services since the internal service implementations are highly coupled

to those bindings. As a consequence the usage of the Abstract Factory

pattern which was used for that purpose is now removed.

The side effect of this change is that we have now simpler code.

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