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Improved: Separate resources from Java source files


This moves the resource files in a dedicated "src/main/resources"

directory. This convention follows the Maven standard directory

layout which is the convention used by default in Gradle.

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Improved : Update missing entries in GDSL descriptors and cleanup findOne to use EntityQuery instead.


Deprecation of findOne DSL method in favor of entityQuery from DSL method

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Improved: complete previous commit to add security in groovy context (OFBIZ-10196)

add security on groovy junit test

add security on eclipse and intellij groovy dsl definition

Thanks to Dennis Balkir for the suggest

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Fixed: Correcting findOne() in OfbizDslDescriptorForEclipse.dsld


The method findOne() which is set in the OfbizDslDescriptorForEclipse.dsld is

wrong, since there is no implementation for this method, which only has a String

and a List as parameters. I changed it to the correct method, so it can be used

within groovy properly, also I put an implementation in the GroovyBaseScriptFile

Thanks: Dennis Balkir

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No functional change, replace tabs by spaces
Implemented: Add logVerbose to GroovyBaseScript.groovy


Thanks: Dennis Balkir

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