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Applied fix from trunk for revision: 1868738


Improved: User should be notified with success message on creating shopping list in ecommerce component


On performing any action, user should be notified with the success message if the action has been performed successfully.

Thanks Chandrashekhar Dhakad for the patch

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"Applied fix from trunk for revision: 1857173 "


r1857173 | jleroux | 2019-04-09 13:49:10 +0200 (mar. 09 avr. 2019) | 8 lignes

Fixed: Error message is displayed while click on create new quotes.


This feature has been removed with OFBIZ-10882,

This removes the "Create New Quote" link, the redundant "Save" link (there is a

Save button) and the OrderCreateQuoteFromShoppingList label which was only used



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