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HADOOP-1301. Hadoop-On-Demand (HOD): resource management provisioning for Hadoop. Contributed by Hemanth Yamijala.
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  1. /hadoop/trunk/src/contrib/hod/hodlib/Common
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HADOOP-1301. Hadoop-On-Demand (HOD): resource management provisioning for Hadoop. Contributed by Hemanth Yamijala.
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HADOOP-2522 Separate MapFile benchmark from PerformanceEvaluation

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  1. /java/trunk/contrib/wikipedia/src/test/org
  2. /java/trunk/contrib/wikipedia/src/java/org/apache
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HADOOP-2507 REST servlet does not properly base64 row keys and column names

SOLR-142 -- don't need gettableFiles in default solrconfig.xml
HADOOP-2504 REST servlet method for deleting a scanner was not properly


HADOOP-2519 Performance improvements: Customized RPC serialization

SOLR-449 : fix NaN/Infinity display for python&ruby response writers

  1. /solr/trunk/src/test/org/apache/solr/request
HADOOP-2336. Shell commands to modify file permissions.

(Raghu Angadi via rangadi)

HADOOP-2488. Fix a regression in random read performance.

(Mickael Stack via rangadi)

Add Raghu Angadi to the list of committers. (rangadi)
use ClientUtils to escape filterQuery
SolrJ xml parsing: allow different types in an array and allow null in array
SOLR-142 -- adding deprecation warnings to get-file.jsp and raw-schema.jsp
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make Serializable
LUCENE-1112: skip immense terms and mark a doc for deletion if it hits a non-aborting exception
fix typo
HADOOP-1719. Improves the utilization of shuffle copier threads. Contributed by Amar Kamat.
HADOOP-2208. Counter update frequency (from TaskTracker to JobTracker) is capped at 1 minute. Contributed by Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu.
LUCENE-1116: contrib/benchmark quality package improvements (MRR, Trec1MQ)

LUCENE-766: test added for adding two fields with same

name but different term vector setting.

LUCENE-1115: some small fixes to contrib/benchmark
HADOOP-2442. Fix TestLocalFileSystemPermission.testLocalFSsetOwner to work on more platforms. Contributed by Raghu Angadi.
HADOOP-2506 Remove the algebra package

HADOOP-2511. Fix a javadoc warning in org.apache.hadoop.util.Shell introduced by HADOOP-2344.

SOLR-359 -- changing formatting (2 spaces, each enum value on a single line)
SOLR-142: Added RawResponseWriter and ShowFileRequestHandler. This returns config files directly. If the AdminHandlers is configured, this will be added automatically.