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Changeset 588044 is being indexed.

Preparing for 0.15.0 candidate build.
Merge -r 588032:588033 from trunk to 0.15 branch. Fixes: HADOOP-2046.
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HADOOP-2046. Improve mapred javadoc. Contributed by Arun.
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HADOOP-2073. Change size of VERSION file after writing contents to it.

(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

svn merge -c 587957 from trunk

HADOOP-2073. Change size of VERSION file after writing contents to it.

(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

Merge -r 587947:587948 from trunk to branch 0.15. Fixes HADOOP-2048.

HADOOP-2048. Change error handling in distcp so that each map copies

as much as possible before reporting the error. Also report progress on

every copy. Contributed by Chris Douglas.

Remove unused directory.
Tagging release 0.14.3.
Merge -r 587325:587326 from trunk to branch 0.15. Part of HADOOP-2080.

HADOOP-2080. Fix for NPE in previous patch.

Merge -r 587280:587281 from trunk on to branch 0.15. Fixes HADOOP-2080.

HADOOP-2080. Fix the calculation of the checksum file sizes to use integer

math instead of floating point math. Contributed by omalley.

LUCENE-1020: created basic tool to check an index, print details of each segment, and fix the index by removing broken segments
LUCENE-1022: share writer's infoStream with LogMergePolicy & ConcurrentMergeScheduler
SOLR-351: external file value source
SOLR-334: pluggable query parsers
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LUCENE-1028: Fixed Weight serialization for few queries.

fix returning unbalanced quotes in describeParams()
HADOOP-2079 HADOOP-2056 Fix generated HLog, HRegion names

HLog.splitLog was generating incorrect file names, HRegion was generating file names that could be far too long especially for local file systems, HMaster had a race condition in which an old HLog would get split by two threads simultaneously.

SOLR-377: make sure FastWriter buffer is flushed after writing response
Adding tests to make sure you get FieldTypeInfo when you ask for the schema
LUCENE-1031: fix a bunch of mis-spellings in CHANGES.txt
HADOOP-1604. An system administrator can finalize namenode upgrades

without running the cluster. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

HADOOP-1855. fsck verifies block placement policies and reports

violations. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

HADOOP-2056 A table with row keys containing colon fails to split regions

Many modifications required because region names (which contain start key) were used as file or directory names. Now the startKey is encoded in an order preserving Base64 dialect.

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NUTCH-488 - Avoid parsing uneccessary links and get a more relevant outlink list. Thanks to Marcin Okraszewski and Emmanuel Joke.
Merge -r 586002:586003 from trunk to branch-0.15 to fix HADOOP-2070.

HADOOP-2070. Added a flush method to pipes' DownwardProtocol and call that before waiting for the application to finish to ensure all buffered data is flushed. Contributed by Owen O'Malley.

don't buffer string escaping for php response writer either: SOLR-377