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Changeset 576315 is being indexed.

Fix links to about.html page from other pages in the web site.

HADOOP-1809. Add a link in web site to #hadoop IRC channel.

HADOOP-1856 [Hbaseshell] Jar command using Hadoop RunJar util

HADOOP-1856 [Hbaseshell] Jar command using Hadoop RunJar util

HADOOP-1888 NullPointerException in HMemcacheScanner (reprise)
HADOOP-1903 Possible data loss if Exception happens between snapshot and flush

to disk.

HADOOP-1813 [hbase] OOME makes zombie of region server

Forgot to add below as part of last commit.

HADOOP-1813 OOME makes zombie of region server

HADOOP-1892. Fix a NullPointerException in the JobTracker when trying to fetch a task's diagnostic messages from the JobClient.

HADOOP-1066 omission: Added missing word 'that' to website
HADOOP-1066 omission: Added missing word 'that' to website
escape all non-alpha/numeric characters with \

Thanks erik. See also: 575369

HADOOP-1888 NullPointerException in HMemcacheScanner

HADOOP-1889. Fix path in EC2 scripts for building your own AMI.
HADOOP-1878. Add space between priority links on job details page. Contributed by Thomas Friol.
Add hudson patch build scripts to svn. Contributed by nigel.
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HADOOP-1890. Removed debugging prints introduced by HADOOP-1774.

(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)

HADOOP-1879. Remove some unneeded casts. Contributed by Nilay Vaish.
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Added Christophe Taton to the list of committers. (taton)

HADOOP-1592. Log error messages to the client console when tasks fail. Contributed by Amar Kamat.
HADOOP-1819. Jobtracker cleanups, including binding ports before clearing state directories, so that inadvertantly starting a second jobtracker doesn't trash one that's already running. Contributed by Owen.
HADOOP-1774. Remove use of INode.parent in Block CRC upgrade.

(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)

ClientUtils escapes !
Document a property. Spotted by Emmanuel Joke.

HADOOP-1880. SleepJob : An example job that sleeps at each map and reduce task.

HADOOP-1720 Addition of HQL (Hbase Query Language) support in Hbase Shell

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HADOOP-1885. Fix race condition in MiniDFSCluster shutdown. Contributed by Chris Douglas
HADOOP-1846. DatanodeReport in ClientProtocol can report live

datanodes, dead datanodes or all datanodes. Client Protocol version

changed from 17 to 18. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)

ClientUtils also needs to escape the slop: ~
HADOOP-1718. Add ant targets for measuring code coverage with clover. Contributed by Simon Willnauer