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Changeset 1859343 is being indexed.

Update CMS production sync exceptions for 8_1_0 javadocs
Add sokolov to committer list
Supplied 8.0.0 release highlights
Remove footer link to older releases
Copyright year
More compact
New Apache section in footer with various links
Fix license link
Fix license link
License link
Fix license link on top-level
- fixed bug PYLUCENE-48

Use https in license link
Comply with license link requirement
restore lost change log
oops, got logic backwards

fixed bug PYLUCENE-47 (with help from Petrus Hyvönen)

Fix version table and ref guide links
Update copyright year range.
Add 'Tomoko Uchida' to committers list.
Release 6.6.6
Update CMS production sync exceptions for X_Y_Z javadocs
Fix versions referenced for 7.7.1 bug - 7.6 not 7.5
PyLucene 7.7.1
PyLucene 7.7.1
fix wrong download url
replace remaining 7.7.0 references with 8.0.0
fix rendering of java class in corenews
update to latest release 8.0.0
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 8_0_0 javadocs