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Changeset 1335140 is being indexed.

SOLR-3430: DIH expanded test coverage & subsequent bug fixes (cache support).
LUCENE-3883: remove ruleset now that its on snowball website
fix retry limit mismatch and print known config set names when config name cannot be found
LUCENE-4038: fix test naming so these tests actually run
not javadoc comment (currently license announcement is displayed in JsonPreAnalyzedParser javadoc)
LUCENE-2946: no ValueSize here for BYTES_VAR_SORTED .dat
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LUCENE-4037: remove serialization cruft
LUCENE-4024: FuzzyQuery should never do edit distance > 2
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LUCENE-3902: add javadoc
LUCENE-4034: improve functionquery tests, fix some minor bugs
test untested class
LUCENE-4032: don't write offsetlength every skip
randomly use RateLimiter in MDW
LUCENE-3830: use FST instead of recursive HashMaps for MappingCharFilter
LUCENE-3830: use FST instead of recursive HashMaps for MappingCharFilter
javadocs-linter: strip whitespace when parsing links
SOLR-3424 PhoneticFilterFactory thread-safety bug. Improved documentation & tests too.
SOLR-3437: Recovery issues a spurious commit to the cluster.
LUCENE-4031: support offsets in Pulsing
test query with QueryUtils
removed SITE part of distrib, obsolete
preparing 3.6.0-1 release candidate
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merged from branch_3x
added (Thomas Koch)
LUCENE-2510: Moved deprecated ResourceLoader into solr-core to remove solrj dependency on lucene
PyLucene 3.6 release branch
version 3.6.0
version 2.13
LUCENE-4029: test uses FSDir now, and no longer uses mem intensive codecs