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added myself (tommaso) in the who we are page
fix javadocs error
LUCENE-3722: enable sims to score > 2B docs for the distributed case
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we don't care if commit fails while we wait for things to settle down in this test
must have lost this: when force=true, do not trust comparing version and generation - this is not a strong enough check
ensure that a newly opened searcher has a non null newIndexDir to work from
fix how we poll for the leader in this test
boost timeout on test for the really slow system
tlog: nuke unwanted localization
set the name of the recovery thread
tests: reset counts at start of test also
DocTermOrds requires atomic reader
ensure that we have shard leaders before the tests begin
raise the length of time that we are willing to wait for searchers to be closed
add test case
add test case
tests: try to track down the tlog-already-exists issue
boost this test poll timeout just a bit more
add a bit of javadoc and be sure we don't register as active unless a recovery was *not* started
add a check that ensures we see the number of shards that we would expect in the cluster state before the test starts and retry after a pause if we do not
close merge readers before checkpoint, so IFD can delete the files
fix javadoc warnings
don't reset counts until after we are done retrying
LUCENE-3720: add warning+experimental and disable test
LUCENE-3720: add warning+experimental and disable test
show the base url when reporting exceptions
ignore test until i can figure out why a request times out on a live jetty instance regularly on jenkins
try raising tests so timeout