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LUCENE-3649: move userguide.html under o/a/l/facet/doc-files
tests: fix prepareCommit test - optimize to ensure a single segment
remove nocommit
fix another nocommit
clean up
turn nocommit into TODO
fix another nocommit - SolrCmdDistributor now takes a nodes full props rather than just its url - now the code that tries to tell a node to recover does not have to assume it has the same core name as the leader
even though we don't us it at the moment, rename this sys prop
do not do auto recovery in some tests
remove nocommit
raise the tests default zk client timeout
tweak failure reporting to be 'closer to correct'
fix javadoc tag
add buffering to the SolrCmdDistributor - also move retries back into SolrCmdDistributor
SOLR-2992: Add support for IndexWriter.prepareCommit()
LUCENE-3667: nuke this on 3.x too
LUCENE-3667: partial backport
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SOLR-2994: IntelliJ IDEA config: Add Solr dep on lucene-phonetic (added in SOLR-2982)
LUCENE-3667: make tests reasonable if you dont have a supercomputer
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clean up around nocommits
remove nocommit
LUCENE-3509: Added fasterButMoreRam option for docvalues.
skip auto recovery for this test
fix nocommit
add to nocommit comment
LUCENE-3655: Add Maven artifact checks to dev-tools/scripts/; and enable the script to run under Cygwin.
remove a nocommit around requiring replicas to have the same core name and other minor comment tweaks
clean up a couple nocommits
clean up test output
we also need to work for SolrCores that are not set as the default and we need to provide solid urls for both the base solr instance and specific SolrCore address (to allow access to system admin handlers)
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