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Changeset 601499 is being indexed.

HADOOP-2160. Remove project-level, non-user documentation from trunk, since it's now maintained in a separate tree.
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HADOOP-2205. Regenerate the Hadoop website since some of the changes made by HADOOP-1917 weren't correctly copied over to the trunk/docs directory. Also fixed a couple of minor typos and broken links. Contributed by Arun C. Murthy.

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HADOOP-1897. Revert previous patch to add links to about.html page,

completely removing about.html page.

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Fix links to about.html page from other pages in the web site.

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HADOOP-1809. Add a link in web site to #hadoop IRC channel.

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HADOOP-1066. Restructure documentation to make it more user friendly. Contributed by Connie Kleinjans and Jeff Hammerbacher.
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HADOOP-1438. Improve HDFS documentation, correcting typos and making images appear in PDF. Contributed by Luke Nezda.
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Add link to nightly build; move release download link out of developer section; rebuild docs.
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HADOOP-371. Include contrib jars and site documentation in distributions. Contributed by Nigel.
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