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Moving tags to new location.
fix bug in hudson scripts
update tools locations in hudson build scripts
fix patch queue html
updated hudson scripts for new hudson.zones build server
parameterized clover jar location
parameterized nightly build script
allow currently running issue to be enqueued again
fix a bug in hudson patch build script
fix a bug in patch email processing
add support for enforcing a patch queue, adding visibility to the queue, and using svn update for patch checkouts
added forrest.home to ant command line when running docs target
added docs target to patch process
add and update hudson scripts for Hadoop patch and nightly builds
Add hudson patch build scripts to svn. Contributed by nigel.
Changed to a time with a potentially lower load.
Update per new release policy.
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Updated for changed hostname.
Use JDK 1.5 for nightly build.
Stop auto-updating javadoc. We'll keep the released version on the

site for now.

Fix, replacing nutch w/ hadoop.

Copy all generated docs, not just api.
First working version of Hadoop nightly scripts.
Add directory for nightly build scripts.