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Remove hadoop from lucene. (Sigh.)
Moving to new location.
Moving tags to new location.
Moving tags to new location.
Moving branches to new location.

Moving trunk to new location.

HADOOP-2686 Removed tables stick around in .META.

HADOOP-2668 Documentation and improved logging so fact that hbase now requires migration comes as less of a surprise

HADOOP-2659. Introduce superuser permissions for admin operations. Contributed by Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE
Moving website to new location.
HADOOP-2549. Correct detection of a full disk for data-nodes. Contributed by Hairong Kuang.
HADOOP-2649. The NameNode periodically computes replication work for

the datanodes. The periodicity of this computation is now configurable.


HADOOP-2284. Reduce the number of progress updates during the sorting in the map task. Contributed by Amar Kamat.
HADOOP-2189. Incrementing user counters should count as progress. Contributed by Devaraj Das.
fix bug in hudson scripts
update tools locations in hudson build scripts
fix patch queue html
updated hudson scripts for new hudson.zones build server
HADOOP-2650 Remove Writables.clone and use WritableUtils.clone from

hadoop instead

HADOOP-2584 Web UI displays an IOException instead of the Tables

HADOOP-2367. Add ability to profile a subset of map/reduce tasks and fetch the

result to the local filesystem of the submitting application. Also includes a

general IntegerRanges extension to Configuration for setting positive, ranged

parameters. Contributed by Owen O'Malley.

HADOOP-2643 Make migration tool smarter.
HADOOP-2582. Prevent 'bin/hadoop fs -copyToLocal' from creating zero-length

files when the src does not exist. Contributed by Lohit Vijayarenu.

parameterized clover jar location
parameterized nightly build script
HADOOP-2538. Redirect to a warning, if plaintext parameter is true but the filter parameter is not given in TaskLogServlet. Contributed by Michael Bieniosek.

Hadoop 0.15.3 release.
HADOOP-2525 Master changes to prevent looping
HADOOP-2525 Same 2 lines repeated 11 million times in HMaster log upon HMaster shutdown

HADOOP-2616 hbase not spliting when the total size of region reaches max region size * 1.5

HADOOP-290. A DataNode log message now prints the target of a replication

request correctly. (dhruba)

HADOOP-2469. WritableUtils.clone should take Configuration instead of JobConf.