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Add version 5.4.1.

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addVersion merge changes from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release
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SOLR-6992: Fix Files UI to show the managed-schema file as well
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SOLR-8386: Add field option in the admin ui loads up even when no schemaFactory has been specified since the default is ManagedIndexSchemaFactory
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Create 5.5.0 release in trunk
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SOLR-8243 Fix spacing in dataimport tab in UI
SOLR-8139 Add missing bracket
SOLR-7666 Fix URL handling in query and analysis panes
SOLR-8139 Rename schema-browser to schema and add managed schema support
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SOLR-8210 Scroll menu when browser window is small
SOLR-7858 Make default URL=/
SOLR-8199 add word 'try' to new UI link
SOLR-7858 revert premature commit
SOLR-7858 Add web.xml changes
SOLR-7858 Make Angular UI default in trunk
SOLR-7858 Add a warning message to the angular UI
SOLR-8157 Make links between nodes work correctly
SOLR-7666 Re-fix some accidentally reverted changes
SOLR-7666 Multiple minor fixes
SOLR-7666 Resolve exceptions and tidy HTML label name
SOLR-4388: fix the build (missing svn:eol-style props)
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SOLR-8137 Use swapCorelist rather than otherCorelist
SOLR-8137 Do not allow swapping with same core in AngularUI
SOLR-4388 Fix overview link and autoAddReplicas
SOLR-7666 Hide right hand side when no field selected in schema browser
SOLR-4388 Add a Collections UI for SolrCloud
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SOLR-7686 Fix dashboard on Windows - don't show load average
SOLR-8083: convert the ZookeeperInfoServlet to a request handler at /admin/zookeeper
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SOLR-7666 Revert web.xml as old UI loading against new URL
SOLR-7858 Fix info link to point to newly created wiki page