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SOLR-5903: SolrCore implements Closeable
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SOLR-4478: Allow cores to use configurations specified outside their instance directory
  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-5512: remove redundant typing (diamond operator) in trunk
  1. … 1242 more files in changeset.
SOLR-5764: Fix recently added tests to not use absolute paths to load test-files, use SolrTestCaseJ4.getFile() and getResource() instead; fix morphlines/map-reduce to not duplicate test resources and fix dependencies among them.
  1. … 485 more files in changeset.
SOLR-5762 broke backward compatibility of Javabin format
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
SOLR-5658: commitWithin and overwrite are not being distributed to replicas now that SolrCloud uses javabin to distribute updates.
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SOLR-4816: CloudSolrServer can now route updates locally and no longer relies on inter-node update forwarding.

SOLR-3249: Allow CloudSolrServer and SolrCmdDistributor to use JavaBin.

SOLR-4816: CloudSolrServer now uses multiple threads to send updates by default.

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SOLR-4948: Tidy up CoreContainer construction logic
  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
SOLR-4916: Add support to write and read Solr index files and transaction log files to and from HDFS.
  1. … 145 more files in changeset.
SOLR-4228: fix maven test failure
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
SOLR-4228: Add full ping functionality to SolrPing in SolrJ
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Fix for SOLR-4615, pull out prior to deciding on the new mechanism
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SOLR-4574: The Collections API will silently return success on an unknown ACTION parameter.

SOLR-4576: Collections API validation errors should cause an exception on clients and otherwise act as validation errors with the Core Admin API.

SOLR-4577: The collections API should return responses (success or failure) for each node it attempts to work with.

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SOLR-4124: change copyDirectory call to apache util
fix missing Overrides
  1. … 842 more files in changeset.
SOLR-4124: You should be able to set the update log directory with the CoreAdmin API the same way as the data directory.
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3949: fix license headers to not be javadoc style comments
  1. … 3348 more files in changeset.
SOLR-3037: When using binary format in solrj the codec screws up parameters
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
SOLR-2904 -- BinaryUpdateRequestHandler should be able to accept multiple update requests from a stream
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
  1. … 1702 more files in changeset.