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Remove unnecessary svn:executable from some files
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SOLR-6845: Updated SuggestComponent comments in techproducts example configset
SOLR-5911: term vector payload support

in schema & TermVectorComponent & LukeRequestHandler

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SOLR-7082: Streaming Aggregation for SolrCloud
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Add a comment to the schema.xml file(s) warning against applying analysis chains to the <uniqueKey> field.
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
SOLR-6832: Queries be served locally rather than being forwarded to another replica
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SOLR-6845: Remove enable=false from the suggest request handler in the techproducts sample config. It is OK to use (and copy/paste this configuration) with buildOnStartup=false
SOLR-6845: Add a ''buildOnStartup'' option for suggesters. (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
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SOLR-6943: HdfsDirectoryFactory should fall back to system props for most of it's config if it is not found in solrconfig.xml.
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SOLR-6945: sample schema.xml bbox field distanceUnits=kilometers
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SOLR-1723: VelocityResponseWriter improvements

SOLR-2035: Add a VelocityResponseWriter $resource tool for locale-specific string lookups.

Lots of VrW code cleanup, more and improved test cases.

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SOLR-6897: Nuke non-NRT mode from code and configuration
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SOLR-6797: spatial distanceUnits=degrees|kilometers|miles

units=degrees is now deprecated.

  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
Fixed a typo in various solrconfig.xml files. This closes #120
  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
SOLR-6876: Remove unused legacy scripts.conf
  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
SOLR-3711: Truncate long strings in /browse field facets
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SOLR=6873: Lib relative path is incorrect for techproduct configset
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LUCENE-6134: fix typos: it's->its, its->it's, etc.
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SOLR-6058: Include the new Solr logo and favicon in Solritas (/browse UI) as well as in generated per-release Solr documentation; switch all favicon links' Content-Type: 'image/ico'->'image/x-icon'
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SOLR-6679: uncomment /suggest, but tie it to an sysprop so you have to go out of your way to enable on startup
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SOLR-6826: fieldType capitalization is not consistent with the rest of case-sensitive field names
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SOLR-6834: Warn if checkIntegrityAtMerge is configured
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SOLR-6633 field name changed from _src to _src_ by populafr demand
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SOLR-6792 deprecate AdminHandlers, Clean up solrconfig.xml of unnecessary plugin definitions, implicit registration of /replication, /get and /admin/* handlers
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LUCENE-5950: Move to Java 8 as minimum Java version
  1. … 39 more files in changeset.
SOLR-6679: comment out suggester in stock config due to long startup times
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SOLR-3619: Rename 'example' dir to 'server'
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