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SOLR-8475: Some refactoring to SolrIndexSearcher
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SOLR-7042: bin/post defaults application/json to /update/json/docs now
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SOLR-8279: Add a new test fault injection approach and a new SolrCloud test that stops and starts the cluster while indexing data and with random faults.
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LUCENE-6925: add ForceMergePolicy class in lucene test-framework and RandomForceMergePolicy class in solr test-framework, plus Test[Random]ForceMergePolicy test classes.
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SOLR-8330: Standardize and fix logger creation and usage so that they aren't shared across source files.
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SOLR-8336: CoreDescriptor takes a Path for its instance dir, rather than a String
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SOLR-8333: fix public API from referring to inner class implementation
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SOLR-8302: SolrResourceLoader takes a Path for its instance directory
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LUCENE-6870: Make DisjunctionMaxQuery immutable.

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SOLR-8221: MiniSolrCloudCluster creates subdirectories for its child nodes
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LUCENE-6795: Fix Solr tests that break RamUsageTester on Java 9 Jigsaw
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SOLR-7954: Fixed an integer overflow bug in the HyperLogLog code used by the 'cardinality' option of stats.field to prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in a distributed search when a large precision is selected and a large number of values exist in each shard
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SOLR-7790, SOLR-7792, SOLR-7791: Update Carrot2 clustering component to version 3.10.3. Upgrade HPPC library to version 0.7.1, morfologik-stemming to version 1.10.0. (Dawid Weiss)

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SOLR-7921: ignore testTechproductsExample unit test due to Jenkins failures
SOLR-7921: Fix non-reproducible test failure on sarowe's Jenkins by adding a brief wait before checking that tech product docs have been committed to the example server
SOLR-7921: The techproducts example fails when running in a directory that contains spaces.
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LUCENE-6732: Improve checker for invalid source patterns to also detect javadoc-style license headers. Use Groovy to implement the checks instead of plain Ant
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SOLR-7838: changed the permissions froma map to an array so that order is obvious
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SOLR-7902: Split out use of child timers from RTimer to a sub-class
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SOLR-7859: Clamp down on use of System.currentTimeMillis

- Use RTimer where currentTimeMillis is used for timing

- Abstract out a new class TimeOut for when currentTimeMillis/nanoTime

is used to timeout operations.

- Used `new Date()` in some cases where that is the logical intent.

- Deprecated a couple of APIs which were publicly exposing epoch time,

in favour of Date objects to make the intent clearer.

- A couple of cases had currentTimeMillis in dead code.

- In some cases where currentTimeMillis was used to just generate a name,

used nanoTime instead (really it should be some sequence/random number

in such a case).

- In some other cases where stamps were used for SQL queries, HTTP headers,

comparing against data in external files, ZK etc., used SuppressForbidden.

- Also currently allow the use of currentTimeMillis in commit data,

this is then used in replication -- this is concerning since absolute

times are being compared, but that can be dealt with separately.

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SOLR-7847: disable the testTechproductsExample test that is failing on Jenkins
SOLR-7847: rollback accidental commit of VersionInfo
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SOLR-7847: disable the testTechproductsExample test that is failing on Jenkins
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SOLR-7847: Implement run example logic in Java instead of OS-specific scripts in bin/solr
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SOLR-3085: New edismax param mm.autoRelax which helps in certain cases of the stopwords/zero-hits issue
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SOLR-7787: Removed fastutil and java-hll dependency, integrated HyperLogLog from java-hll into Solr core.
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LUCENE-6570: Make BooleanQuery immutable.

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SOLR-7678: Switch RTimer to use nanoTime
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SOLR-7589: A few improvements to the ObjectReleaseTracker to make test fail debugging a little easier.
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SOLR-7546: bin/post (and SimplePostTool in -Dauto=yes mode) now sends rather than skips files without a known content type, as application/octet-stream, provided it still is in the allowed filetypes setting
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