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SOLR-8505: core/DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_HDFS - add & use it instead of String literals
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SOLR-8504: (IndexSchema|SolrIndexConfig)Test: private static finals for solrconfig.xml and schema.xml String literals
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SOLR-8484: refactor update/SolrIndexConfig.LOCK_TYPE_* into core/DirectoryFactory.LOCK_TYPE_*
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Replaced TMP with TieredMergePolicy in 2 tests' assert messages.
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SOLR-8276: Atomic updates and realtime-get do not work with non-stored docvalues
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SOLR-8317: use responseHeader and response accessors to SolrQueryResponse
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SOLR-8330: Standardize and fix logger creation and usage so that they aren't shared across source files.
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SOLR-8336: CoreDescriptor takes a Path for its instance dir, rather than a String
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SOLR-8302: SolrResourceLoader takes a Path for its instance directory
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SOLR-8259: Add getCoreContainer() method to JettySolrRunner
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SOLR-6273: testfix7, improves test pass ratio significantly
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SOLR-8113: CloneFieldUpdateProcessorFactory now supports choosing a dest field name based on a regex pattern and replacement init options.
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SOLR-8050: Partial update on document with multivalued date field fails to parse date and can also fail to remove dates in some cases.

This closes #202

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LUCENE-6301: Removal of org.apache.lucene.Filter.

From a Lucene perspective Filter is gone. However it was still used for things

like DocSet and SolrConstantScoreQuery in Solr, so it has been moved to

the package for now, even though in the long term it would be nice

for Solr to move to the Query API entirely as well.

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LUCENE-6789: change IndexSearcher default similarity to BM25
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SOLR-7978: Fixed example/files update-script.js to be Java 7 and 8 compatible
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SOLR-7957: expand ResultContext to allow for multiple DocLists per response, remove redundant TransformContext
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LUCENE-6732: Improve checker for invalid source patterns to also detect javadoc-style license headers. Use Groovy to implement the checks instead of plain Ant
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SOLR-7859: Clamp down on use of System.currentTimeMillis

- Use RTimer where currentTimeMillis is used for timing

- Abstract out a new class TimeOut for when currentTimeMillis/nanoTime

is used to timeout operations.

- Used `new Date()` in some cases where that is the logical intent.

- Deprecated a couple of APIs which were publicly exposing epoch time,

in favour of Date objects to make the intent clearer.

- A couple of cases had currentTimeMillis in dead code.

- In some cases where currentTimeMillis was used to just generate a name,

used nanoTime instead (really it should be some sequence/random number

in such a case).

- In some other cases where stamps were used for SQL queries, HTTP headers,

comparing against data in external files, ZK etc., used SuppressForbidden.

- Also currently allow the use of currentTimeMillis in commit data,

this is then used in replication -- this is concerning since absolute

times are being compared, but that can be dealt with separately.

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SOLR-6273: Reset test hooks in a finally block to avoid leakage to other tests
SOLR-7803: Prevent class loading deadlock in TrieDateField; refactor date formatting and parsing out of TrieDateField and move to static utility class DateFormatUtil
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LUCENE-6659: remove IWC's max thread states limit
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LUCENE-6649: Remove dependency of lucene/join on Filter.

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SOLR-7741: Add missing fields to SolrIndexerConfig.toMap
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SOLR-7091: Nested documents with unknown fields don't work in schemaless mode.
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SOLR-7603: remove extra logging added to diagnose problem - failure hasn't reappeared since fix applied in r1682570
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LUCENE-6527: Queries now get a dummy Similarity when scores are not needed in order to not load unnecessary information like norms.

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SOLR-7603: more test tweaks to protect ourselves from unexpected log levels in tests like the one introduced by SOLR-7408
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SOLR-7603: more detail in asserts, and more asserts on the initial chain (before looking at the distributed version) to try and figure out WTF is going on here
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SOLR-7603: more test verbosity to try and track this down in the future
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