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SOLR-4619: Improve PreAnalyzedField query analysis
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LUCENE-6971: remove StorableField, StoredDocument
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SOLR-8504: (IndexSchema|SolrIndexConfig)Test: private static finals for solrconfig.xml and schema.xml String literals
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SOLR-8220: Read field from DocValues for non stored fields
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SOLR-8131: Use SolrResourceLoader to instantiate ManagedIndexSchemaFactory when no schema factory is specified in solrconfig.xml
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SOLR-8131: Make ManagedIndexSchemaFactory the default schemaFactory when luceneMatchVersion >= 6
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SOLR-8330: Standardize and fix logger creation and usage so that they aren't shared across source files.
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Took out debug statements I'd left in a long time ago, no functional changes
SOLR-8329: SchemaSimilarityFactory now supports a 'defaultSimFromFieldType' init option for using a fieldType name to identify which Similarity to use as a default
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SOLR-8302: SolrResourceLoader takes a Path for its instance directory
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SOLR-8280: Fixed bug in SimilarityFactory initialization that prevented SolrCoreAware factories from functioning properly with managed schema features
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SOLR-8270: Change implicit default Similarity to use BM25 when luceneMatchVersion >= 6
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SOLR-8050: Partial update on document with multivalued date field fails to parse date and can also fail to remove dates in some cases.

This closes #202

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LUCENE-6795: Fix Solr tests that break RamUsageTester on Java 9 Jigsaw
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SOLR-7859: Clamp down on use of System.currentTimeMillis

- Use RTimer where currentTimeMillis is used for timing

- Abstract out a new class TimeOut for when currentTimeMillis/nanoTime

is used to timeout operations.

- Used `new Date()` in some cases where that is the logical intent.

- Deprecated a couple of APIs which were publicly exposing epoch time,

in favour of Date objects to make the intent clearer.

- A couple of cases had currentTimeMillis in dead code.

- In some cases where currentTimeMillis was used to just generate a name,

used nanoTime instead (really it should be some sequence/random number

in such a case).

- In some other cases where stamps were used for SQL queries, HTTP headers,

comparing against data in external files, ZK etc., used SuppressForbidden.

- Also currently allow the use of currentTimeMillis in commit data,

this is then used in replication -- this is concerning since absolute

times are being compared, but that can be dealt with separately.

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SOLR-7765: Hardened the behavior of TokenizerChain when null arguments are used in constructor. This prevents NPEs in some code paths.
  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
SOLR-7803: Prevent class loading deadlock in TrieDateField; refactor date formatting and parsing out of TrieDateField and move to static utility class DateFormatUtil
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SOLR-7793: Refactor some utility methods to a separate utility class
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LUCENE-6570: Make BooleanQuery immutable.

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SOLR-7599: Remove cruft from SolrCloud tests
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SOLR-7243: Return more informative error from CloudSolrServer when available.

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SOLR-6141: fix TestBulkSchemaConcurrent; fix field deletion to fail when a dynamic copy field directive has the field as its source; don't attempt to decrement a SchemaField's count in copyFieldTargetCounts if it's not present in the map.
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SOLR-7258: Forbid MessageFormat.format and MessageFormat single-arg constructor
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SOLR-6141: Schema API: Remove fields, dynamic fields, field types and copy fields; and replace fields, dynamic fields and field types
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SOLR-5846: EnumField supports DocValues functionality
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SOLR-7179: Stop using sysprops to configure test jettys
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LUCENE-4797: fix remaining html violations, engage linter in solr
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SOLR-6954: SolrClient implements Closeable
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SOLR-6902: Use JUnit rules instead of inheritance with distributed Solr tests to allow for multiple tests without the same class
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