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PDFBOX-3155: Disable tests that fail with new Java 9 version number scheme
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SOLR-8131: fix test solrconfig.xml files for the contrib modules
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SOLR-8330: Standardize and fix logger creation and usage so that they aren't shared across source files.
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SOLR-8180: jcl-over-slf4j is officially a solrj/solr dependency now; not marked optional in a POM.
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LUCENE-6732: Remove tabs in JS and XML files
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SOLR-7859: Clamp down on use of System.currentTimeMillis

- Use RTimer where currentTimeMillis is used for timing

- Abstract out a new class TimeOut for when currentTimeMillis/nanoTime

is used to timeout operations.

- Used `new Date()` in some cases where that is the logical intent.

- Deprecated a couple of APIs which were publicly exposing epoch time,

in favour of Date objects to make the intent clearer.

- A couple of cases had currentTimeMillis in dead code.

- In some cases where currentTimeMillis was used to just generate a name,

used nanoTime instead (really it should be some sequence/random number

in such a case).

- In some other cases where stamps were used for SQL queries, HTTP headers,

comparing against data in external files, ZK etc., used SuppressForbidden.

- Also currently allow the use of currentTimeMillis in commit data,

this is then used in replication -- this is concerning since absolute

times are being compared, but that can be dealt with separately.

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Remove explicitly defined request handlers from example and test solrconfig's that are already defined implicitly
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SOLR-7231: DIH-TikaEntityprocessor, create lat-lon field from Metadata
    • ?
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SOLR-7189: Allow DIH to extract content from embedded documents via Tika
    • ?
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SOLR-7174: DIH should reset TikaEntityProcessor so that it is capable of re-use
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SOLR-7076: TikaEntityProcessor should have support for onError=skip
LUCENE-4797: fix remaining html violations, engage linter in solr
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LUCENE-6224: cut over more package.htmls

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SOLR-6991,SOLR-6387: Under Turkish locale, don't run solr-cell and dataimporthandler-extras tests that use Tika
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LUCENE-6134: fix typos: wether->whether, neccessary->necessary, initalize->initialize, specifed->specified, etc. (thanks Ahmet Arslan\!)
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LUCENE-6134: fix typos: it's->its, its->it's, etc.
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SOLR-6826: fieldType capitalization is not consistent with the rest of case-sensitive field names
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SOLR-4799 faster join using join=zipper aka merge join for nested DIH EntityProcessors
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LUCENE-6007: Regularize ivy.xml files to use configurations that map to remote master configurations, so that Ivy won't try to download extraneous crap
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LUCENE-5901:Replaced all occurences of LUCENE_CURRENT with LATEST for luceneMatchVersion
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SOLR-4385: Stop using SVN Keyword Substitution in Solr src code
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LUCENE-5593: speed up javadocs generation in build
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SOLR-2245: Better way to check if last_index_time is the initial value and fixup changes.
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SOLR-2245: fix for issues found by precommit checks
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SOLR-2245: Don't use the default date from and remove duplicated entry in mail-data-config.xml
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SOLR-3893: Moving mail dependencies into the extras project.
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SOLR-2245: Improvements to the MailEntityProcessor
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SOLR-2245: Reverting due to unclear license for greenmail
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SOLR-2245: Numerous improvements to the MailEntityProcessor
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SOLR-6006: fix Solr contrib test dependencies by adding jcl-over-slf4j and retrieving it into each contrib's test-lib/ directory
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