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SOLR-6006: fix Solr contrib test dependencies by adding jcl-over-slf4j and retrieving it into each contrib's test-lib/ directory
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LUCENE-5273: Fix slowdown when running 'ant example': unless called from the 'create-package' target, the 'lucene-jars-to-solr' and 'module-jars-to-solr' targets no longer depend on '-unpack-lucene-tgz', pulling lucene-*.jar from lucene/build/*/ instead.
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LUCENE-5273: Binary artifacts in Lucene and Solr convenience binary distributions accompanying a release, including on Maven Central, should be identical across all distributions.
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SOLR-5286: revert changes committed on this issue; the internal and 3rd party dependencies in the analysis-extras contrib are used to put these jars into the Solr distribution. I didn't revert the compile step building the depended-on Lucene modules, since they aren't needed for compilation. I added comments in build.xml and ivy.xml telling people not to do this again. I reworded the README.txt to explain dependencies per feature instead of lumping them all together. I did not revert the pom.xml.template changes, since the dependencies are not required for compilation or runtime use of the code in the analysis-extras contrib.
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SOLR-5286: Remove vestigial Chinese and Polish analysis jars from the analysis-extras contrib configuration
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SOLR-3623: Fixed inconsistent treatment of third-party dependencies for solr contribs analysis-extras & uima
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LUCENE-3945: use sha1 checksums to verify jars pulled from ivy match expectations
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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SOLR-3272: Solr filter factory for MorfologikFilter (Polish lemmatisation).

(Rafał Kuć via Dawid Weiss, Steven Rowe, Uwe Schindler).

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SOLR-3056: support kuromoji in core
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LUCENE-3305: add Kuromoji Japanese morphological analyzer
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LUCENE-3337: avoid building jar files unless necessary in build
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SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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SOLR-2612 -- Add testpackage and testpackageroot conditions to clustering and analysis-extras build files
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SOLR-2279: use Lucene's MockDirectoryWrapper in Solr tests
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LUCENE-3076: add -Dtests.codecprovider
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SOLR-2061: Generate jar containing test classes
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SOLR-2411: reverting all changes
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SOLR-2411: solr/dist/ should only contain distribution files, not intermediate .jars/.war
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LUCENE-2609: Generate jar containing test classes (trunk)
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LUCENE-2611: Re-sync IntelliJ config in dev-tools/idea/; Move both solr/src/test/test-files/ and solr/contrib/analysis-extras/src/test/test-files/ up one level; Set the IntelliJ Java language level on all Solr modules to 6.0
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SOLR-2299: enforce resource handling, prevent test interference by running in a jvm-unique CWD (under build/, same as tempDir)
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make sure tests.verbose works in solr, print test params when verbose is set
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LUCENE-2768: add support to LuceneTestCase for @Nightly annotated tests
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SOLR-2210: fix project/jar file name
SOLR-2210: add factories for icu analyzers
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