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LUCENE-6937: moving trunk from SVN to GIT.
  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-6978: Fix usage of Locale#toString in DIH
SOLR-8550: Add asynchronous DaemonStreams to the Streaming API
SOLR-8582 : memory leak in JsonRecordReader affecting /update/json/docs. Large payloads

cause OOM

LUCENE-6980: fix a few more places to just use default (true) for applyAllDeletes
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Javadoc fixes
LUCENE-6986: add more DFI measures
  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
SOLR-8560: Add RequestStatusState enum
LUCENE-6978: Fix Morphlines locale parsing with empty string / null: use ROOT
SOLR-8371: Move 6.0 changes entry to 5.5
SOLR-8359: revert change of cached debug levels to statics
LUCENE-6975: rename dimensional values to points; add ExactPointQuery to match documents containing exactly an indexed point
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SOLR-4619: Improve PreAnalyzedField query analysis
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
SOLR-8556: Add ConcatOperation to be used with the SelectStream

SOLR-8566: ManagedResource.buildMapToStore initialCapacity tweak. ManagedResource.storeManagedData log.error tweak ("load data" instead of "load stop words").
SOLR-8565: add & use CommonParams.(ROWS|START)_DEFAULT constants, add CommonParamsTest
SOLR-8514, SOLR-8502: Implement StatementImpl.execute(String sql), StatementImpl.getResultSet(), and StatementImpl.getUpdateCount()
SOLR-8559: FCS facet performance optimization

Significantly speeds up processing when terms are high cardinality and the matching docset is small.

When facet minCount > 0 and the number of matching documents is small (or 0) this enhancement

prevents considering terms which have a 0 count. Also includes change to move to the next non-zero

term value when selecting a segment position.

SOLR-8516, SOLR-8502: Implement ResultSetImpl.getStatement
SOLR-8515, SOLR-8502: Implement StatementImpl.getConnection
SOLR-8541: remove unused imports
SOLR-8534: Add generic support for collection APIs to be async
SOLR-8566: TransformerFactory.defaultFactories initialCapacity tweak
SOLR-7907: fix changes entry
SOLR-7907: Remove CLUSTERSTATUS exclusivity checks from the Overseer
SOLR-8564: Fix Embedded ZooKeeper to use <solrHome>/zoo_data for it's data directory
LUCENE-6818: Add DFISimilarity implementing the divergence from independence model
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SOLR-8548: Core Discovery was not following symlinks
SOLR-8418: Move CHANGES.txt entry to 5.4.1
LUCENE-6971: remove StorableField, StoredDocument
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