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SOLR-8353: Support regex for skipping license checksums
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SOLR-8180: jcl-over-slf4j is officially a solrj/solr dependency now; not marked optional in a POM.
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LUCENE-6743: Allow Ivy lockStrategy to be overridden by system property.
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LUCENE-6740: Reduce warnings emitted by javac #4 (tools)
LUCENE-6607: Fix spatial3d module's Maven config - include dependency interpolation sites, make packaging jar instead of pom, don't skip deploy phase, etc.; and fix GetMavenDependenciesTask to exclude a module's build artifacts only if the build dir fully matches, rather than a prefix (this bug caused lucene-spatial's test dependency on the lucene-spatial3d jar to be left out of the generated POM, because lucene/build/spatial3d matched the regex for lucene-spatial's build output dir: 'lucene/build/spatial', i.e. with no dir separator)
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LUCENE-6277: Allow Ivy resolutionCacheDir to be overridden by system property.
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Get Maven compilation working again: example->server; don't need javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api test dep in solr/core/ivy.xml, since it's already included as a compile-scope dep via solr/server/ivy.xml
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LUCENE-6007: 'mvndeps' Ant task: exclude the 'start' configuration (only the jetty-start jar at this point) when parsing solr/example/ivy.xml for dependencies
SOLR-4385: Stop using SVN Keyword Substitution in Solr src code
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LUCENE-5831: ant precommit should remind people to run clean-jars and jar-checksums when checksums are not right
LUCENE-5715: Upgrade direct dependencies known to be older than transitive dependencies
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LUCENE-5442: ant check-lib-versions will fail the build if there are unexpected version conflicts between direct and transitive dependencies.
  1. ./java/org/apache/lucene/validation/ivyde
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Fix copy/paste-o javadocs
SOLR-5950: Maven config: make the org.slf4j:slf4j-api dependency transitive (i.e., not optional) in all modules in which it's a dependency, including solrj, except for the WAR, where it will remain optional.
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SOLR-5920: Maven config: restrict conversion of module names containing 'analysis-' to 'analyzers-' to those not preceded by 'solr-'
LUCENE-5560: Remove useless exception block
LUCENE-5560: Cleanup charset handling for Java 7
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LUCENE-5512: remove redundant typing (diamond operator) in trunk
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LUCENE-5420: stop re-compiling the internal module dependency regex for every dependency
LUCENE-5420: 'ant get-maven-poms' should support custom version formats
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When dependency/@conf contains BOTH 'test' and 'compile', and dependency/artifact/@type != 'test', the artifact is NOT a test dependency, to handle solr-morphlines-core's compile-scope cdk-morphlines-core and test-scope cdk-morphlines-core-tests dependencies
Handle indirect test-scoped cross-module dependencies; handle multiple artifacts for a single dependency declaration in ivy.xml files; handle solr module names that start with 'solr-'
Fix improperly named module solr-extraction -> solr-cell
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LUCENE-5217: Relax internal dependency jar regex to allow Jenkins to succeed when version contains a date/time stamp
LUCENE-5217: Maven config: get dependencies from Ant+Ivy; disable transitive dependency resolution for all depended-on artifacts by putting an exclusion for each transitive dependency in the <dependencyManagement> section of the grandparent POM
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LUCENE-5295: Allow the license checker to optionally avoid check sum comparisons.
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LUCENE-5257: Lock down centralized versioning of ivy dependencies
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LUCENE-5209: Allow the license checker to optionally avoid check sum comparisons on SNAPSHOT dependencies.
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LUCENE-4570: Use the Policeman Forbidden API checker, released separately from Lucene and downloaded via Ivy
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LUCENE-4582: Better detection of incompatible Java version for forbidden-apis checker. Later updates of ASM will support Java 8, but when Java 9 comes out with again a new class file format, we can handle this.