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LUCENE-6955: The release smoke tester inappropriately requires back compat index testing for versions not less than the one being smoke tested
Fix smoke test to handle HTTPS dist URLs
SOLR-7923: Rework the smoke tester to the techproducts example using bin/solr script to do all the work
SOLR-7227: Don't create the WAR file at all
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SOLR-7227: Solr distribution archive should have the WAR file extracted already
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expect spatial3d module too
fix smoke tester to pass again
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SOLR-4839: Make our jetty configs resemble stock Jetty 9.3 configs more closely. Thread pool and common config goes to jetty.xml. All property names are prefixed with solr.jetty. SSL keystore paths are now absolute.
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LUCENE-6403: make maven artifact crawl seed URLs end with slashes
LUCENE-6231: retry all downloads in
LUCENE-6231: should retry failed downloads
Fix Solr smoke tests: SYSTEM_REQUIREMENTS no longer exists where it was testing for it (merged from r1652718)
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SOLR-6952: bin/solr create action should copy configset directory instead of reusing an existing configset in ZooKeeper by default; commit also includes fix for SOLR-6933 - create alias
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LUCENE-6134: fix typos: it's->its, its->it's, etc.
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LUCENE-5950: Move to Java 8 as minimum Java version
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SOLR-6708: wrap the kill existing Solr command in a try/except block
SOLR-6708: stop orphaned Solr nodes before starting another one
SOLR-3619: get the smoke tester working with the bin/solr script and server directory
get smoke tester properly parsing versions from TestBackCompat
LUCENE-5863: smoke tester checks that TestBackwardsCompatibility has coverage for all but the dark-ages releases
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LUCENE-5918: Remove backwards folder
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LUCENE-5858: Move back compat codecs out of core to their own jar
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LUCENE-5909: Smoke tester now has better command line parsing and optionally also runs on Java 8
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Revert smoke test update to java 8 for now
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Add java8 checks to smoke test
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Fix smoker to allow the new file
Change buildAndPushRelease and smokeTestRelease scripts to use argparse
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LUCENE-5850: fix smoke tester to verify the index's segment versions in fact match the version being tested
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SOLR-3893: fix sheisty class error from smoke test
SOLR-3893: Update references after moving dependency jars around.
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