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SOLR-8567: Maven build: Add solr-core test dependency on the lucene queryparser test-jar, required for SOLR-839
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LUCENE-6420: Use forbidden-apis annotation @SuppressForbidden; cleanup maven build
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LUCENE-5217: Maven config: get dependencies from Ant+Ivy; disable transitive dependency resolution for all depended-on artifacts by putting an exclusion for each transitive dependency in the <dependencyManagement> section of the grandparent POM
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Refactor forbidden-apis a bit to make it easier to add new signatures, no need to have so many files slowing down the build; add Properties file rules
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LUCENE-5042: Maven configuration: add chars.txt to forbiddenapis config
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LUCENE-4570: Maven ForbiddenAPIs configuration cleanups:

- Clean up overly long execution IDs

- Make at least one test-check execution per module include internalRuntimeForbidden=true

- Make at least one test-check execution per module include signatureFile executors.txt

- Include bundledSignature commons-io-unsafe in solr test-framework forbiddenapis check

- Note in the Solr shared test-check configuration to include bundledSignature commons-io-unsafe only in modules with commons-io on their classpath

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LUCENE-4570: Added ForbiddenAPI checks to the Maven build using the ForbiddenAPI Mojo; also removed redundant maven-surefire-plugin configurations in Solr modules' POMs after putting a shared configuration in the Solr parent POM.
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LUCENE-4296: Update/clean up Maven POMs and documentation
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LUCENE-3948: move maven build (POMs and output directories) to top-level maven-build/ directory
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LUCENE-3965: consolidate all api modules and fix packaging for 4.0
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