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LUCENE-3381: Sandboxed remaining contrib queries
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LUCENE-3378: Maven build config: stop building no-longer-necessary Lucene and analysis-common test jars; drop unnecessary test dependencies from contribs/modules
  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3240: Moved FunctionQuery, ValueSource and DocValues to new queries module
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LUCENE-2609: Renamed the Lucene test-framework jar to 'lucene-test-framework-version.jar'; now including the test-framework javadoc jar in the binary packages; modified the Maven POMs to designate the test-framework artifacts as 'jar' packaging rather than 'test-jar' packaging - this changes the artifact classifiers to be the same as those of any other non-test module.
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LUCENE-2609: queries contrib needs lucene test classes outside of test-framework
LUCENE-2609: Generate jar containing test classes (trunk)
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LUCENE-2657: switched POMs under dev-tools/maven/ to be POM templates, to allow for specification of the version as a system property on the command line.
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LUCENE-2657: Replace Maven POM templates with full POMs
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