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SOLR-8567: Maven build: Add solr-core test dependency on the lucene queryparser test-jar, required for SOLR-839
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LUCENE-6833: maven build: add test-files/ to morfologik pom
LUCENE-6607: Fix spatial3d module's Maven config - include dependency interpolation sites, make packaging jar instead of pom, don't skip deploy phase, etc.; and fix GetMavenDependenciesTask to exclude a module's build artifacts only if the build dir fully matches, rather than a prefix (this bug caused lucene-spatial's test dependency on the lucene-spatial3d jar to be left out of the generated POM, because lucene/build/spatial3d matched the regex for lucene-spatial's build output dir: 'lucene/build/spatial', i.e. with no dir separator)
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fix eol style
LUCENE-6607: attempt to add pom.xml for new spatial3d module
LUCENE-6439: enable support fors test-framework-tests on Maven build
LUCENE-6420: Use forbidden-apis annotation @SuppressForbidden; cleanup maven build
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LUCENE-6339: Maven config: add resource dir src/resources/ to the POM.
Remove unnecessary svn:executable from some files
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SOLR-4839: Upgrade to Jetty 9
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Pass files down to Maven (fixes bug with ASF Jenkins after restructuring the Jenkins config to use property files)

Clean property handling: it reads now consistently everywhere solely ~/, ~/, /lucene/ (in this order)

Excludes were fixed

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add resources folder for backwards module
LUCENE-5858: Move back compat codecs out of core to their own jar
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LUCENE-5757: Maven build: forbidden-apis should no longer use the rue.txt signature file
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Sonatype OSS repo is returning 301 (permanently moved) for http URLs, which aren't followed by Maven Ant Tasks (artifact:dependencies), and cause the build to fail. Switching the base Sonatype OSS repo to https to see if that fixes the problem.
LUCENE-5675: Add src/resources directory to maven config
LUCENE-5463: Unbreak forbidden APIs for Solr, remove broken RUE.sizeOf(String) and add new forbidden APIs to the Maven build.

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LUCENE-5339: PrintTaxonomyStats is allowed to use System.out
LUCENE-5217: Maven config: get dependencies from Ant+Ivy; disable transitive dependency resolution for all depended-on artifacts by putting an exclusion for each transitive dependency in the <dependencyManagement> section of the grandparent POM
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LUCENE-2844: spatial benchmark
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LUCENE-5294: try to fix maven build
include resources file in maven configuration
LUCENE-5207: lucene expressions module
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LUCENE-4845: Maven and IntelliJ config
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Refactor forbidden-apis a bit to make it easier to add new signatures, no need to have so many files slowing down the build; add Properties file rules
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LUCENE-5042: Maven configuration: add chars.txt to forbiddenapis config
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fix dependencies so logging works from replicator/ tests: Maven config; downgrade commons-logging from v1.1.3 to v1.1.1: httpcore dependency
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LUCENE-4975: replicator module: make validate-maven-dependencies succeed
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LUCENE-4975: replicator module: Maven configuration: remove <pluginManagement> wrapper from around the surefire plugin config, so that it will operate in situ
LUCENE-4975: replicator module: Maven configuration: remove unnecessary comment