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IntelliJ config: Add lucene-core module test dependency to the DIH-extras module (required for access to o.a.l.util.Constants); and remove obsolete test-lib/*.jar test dependencies from several modules.
LUCENE-6539: Intellij config: add sandbox module dependency to solr-core and solr-analysis-extras modules
SOLR-5147: Add dependency to blockjoin lucene module in idea config
SOLR-1723: VelocityResponseWriter improvements

SOLR-2035: Add a VelocityResponseWriter $resource tool for locale-specific string lookups.

Lots of VrW code cleanup, more and improved test cases.

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SOLR-6857: Idea modules missing dependencies
added svn eol-style to analytics.iml
SOLR-5302: move analytics component to contrib
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LUCENE-5930: order lucene-core test dep after lucene-test-framework
LUCENE-5930: IntelliJ config: drop resource-only modules, add module groups, and add module for lucene/backward-codecs, and fix up a bunch of other little issues
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Revert accidental commit of r1624450 (had a dirty workspace)
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Increase min id length to allow ids past 10k
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SOLR-6283: IntelliJ config: include analysis-common module in test classpath, so that Lucene's ResourceLoader is available.
SOLR-4385: Stop using SVN Keyword Substitution in Solr src code
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SOLR-3893: intellij config
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LUCENE-5666: Fix idea project files
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SOLR-6006: fix Solr contrib test dependencies by adding jcl-over-slf4j and retrieving it into each contrib's test-lib/ directory
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SOLR-6006: IntelliJ config for solrj/test-lib/
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SOLR-5920: IntelliJ config: fix solr-core-tests dependency module name analysis-icu -> icu
SOLR-5920: Distributed sort on DateField, BoolField and BCD{Int,Long,Str}Field returns string cast exception
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SOLR-5818: Add lucene expressions as a dependency on solr-core-tests idea file
SOLR-3854: IntelliJ config: add solr example lib test dependency to map-reduce and dataimporthandler contribs
SOLR-5729: intellij config
LUCENE-5414: intellij config
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SOLR-1301: IntelliJ config: morphlines-cell Solr contrib needs lucene-core test-scope dependency
SOLR-1301: Straighten out module names so that they match current convention
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SOLR-1301: Add a Solr contrib that allows for building Solr indexes via Hadoop's MapReduce.
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SOLR-5141. lucene.IOUtils needs to be available for VelocityResopnseWriter in IntelliJ
SOLR-3076: block join parent and child queries
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SOLR-4916: Move MiniDfsCluster test dependencies from solr test-framework to solr-core; download solr-core test dependencies to solr/core/test-lib/ instead of solr/core/lib/; download DIH test dependencies to solr/contrib/dataimporthandler/test-lib instead of [...]/lib/
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SOLR-4916: IntelliJ configuration
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