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LUCENE-6607: spatial3d IntelliJ config
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LUCENE-6445: Highlighter TokenSources simplification
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Remove unnecessary svn:executable from some files
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LUCENE-4524: Replace DocsEnum and DocsAndPositionsEnum with PostingsEnum
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fixed dependencies for join module in iml files for highlighter and benchmark
LUCENE-5820: SuggestStopFilter should have a factory
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LUCENE-5930: native svn:eol-style for new file backward-codecs.iml
LUCENE-5930: IntelliJ config: drop resource-only modules, add module groups, and add module for lucene/backward-codecs, and fix up a bunch of other little issues
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Revert accidental commit of r1624450 (had a dirty workspace)
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Increase min id length to allow ids past 10k
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SOLR-4385: Stop using SVN Keyword Substitution in Solr src code
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LUCENE-5442: ant check-lib-versions will fail the build if there are unexpected version conflicts between direct and transitive dependencies.
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LUCENE-5666: Fix idea project files
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LUCENE-5454: intellij config
LUCENE-5414: intellij config
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Bring IntelliJ configuration up-to-date
LUCENE-2844: spatial benchmark
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LUCENE-5294: IntelliJ config
LUCENE-5207: lucene expressions module
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LUCENE-4845: Maven and IntelliJ config
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LUCENE-4975: replicator module: IntelliJ configuration: add svn:eol-style to replicator.iml
LUCENE-4975: replicator module: IntelliJ configuration
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IntelliJ configuration fixes:

- Make FacetTestCase abstract so that the IntelliJ test runner doesn't try to execute its tests under the facet module test run configuration

- In the facet module configuration, drop source directory facet/src/examples/ and add source directory facet/src/resources/

- Add -Xmx256m to the Lucene core test run configuration to avoid OOM in a couple tests

- Add resource pattern 'test-files:*' to .idea/compiler.xml, so that all files under */src/test-files/, regardless of file name/extension, will be copied over to the test output directory (previously .js files under solr/src/test-files/ were being excluded)

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LUCENE-4728: IntelliJ configuration: add queries module dependency to highlighter module
LUCENE-3998: Maven and IntelliJ configurations: add facet module dependency to the demo module
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SOLR-4123: Add per-script customizability to ICUTokenizerFactory via rule files in the ICU RuleBasedBreakIterator format.
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LUCENE-4345: Maven and IntelliJ configuration: add new lucene/queries compile dependency, and new lucene/analysis/common test dependency. Make ClassificationTestBase abstract, so that the IntelliJ runner doesn't "fail to start" it.
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LUCENE-4385: Move IntelliJ build output directories and test working directories to top-level directory idea-build/
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[LUCENE-4345] - fixed svn:eol-style
[LUCENE-4345] - IDEA conf files for lucene classification module
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