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LUCENE-4187: Remove scripts directory after Maven build was ported, too
LUCENE-4187: Nuke remaining shell scripts

nuke useless scripts - part #1
Remove smoke again, this is now a new ReleaseNightly job on ASF Jenkins (without scripts, only ANT). I will later remove the artifact building from the standard nightly scripts, too. Those will now only run tests and clover.
set the SVN variables so this task can build the unsigned release
turn on nightly-smoke task
SOLR-1725: remove all rhino inclusion hacks; I've copied the jars to /usr/local/openjdk{6,7}/jre/lib/ext/, which should directly include them in JVMs' class paths
SOLR-1725: fix copy/paste-o (extra export in mvn cmdline)
SOLR-1725: Add rhino javascript engine jars to maven jvm's test boot class path (moved to mvn cmdline invocation surefire -DargLine parameter)
Make TESTS_PARALLELISM configureable from Jenkins Job
SOLR-1725: Add rhino javascript engine jars to maven jvm's boot class path
Print real Java version
clean up javadocs to call top-level task, add validate
LUCENE-4217: change clover args again after optimization
Change clover options (LUCENE-4217).
disable heapdumps for now, see mail!
LUCENE-3950: fix hudson scripts to call validate instead of rat (as it will be folded in), remove reference to jar
LUCENE-4199: this script uses the top-level 'ant test', which already calls validate
LUCENE-4199: enable validation in jenkins
Nightly maven script can serve both active branches
add 4.x nightly build scripts. TODO: nuke these scripts and make this logic ant tasks
4.0 -> 5.0
change Jenkins tools layout for compatibility with Linux
make API docs folder less OS dependent (for Linux/Windows builds soon)
fix typo: underscore -> hyphen
LUCENE-3948: move maven build (POMs and output directories) to top-level maven-build/ directory
remove obsolete slash
Print used JAVA version
rename env var
LUCENE-3994: pre-gunzip the nightly line docs file so the random seeking for tests is low cost